Top 10 Best British Rock Bands

1. The Beatles

Formed: 1958

Established: 1960

Place Of Birth: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Pop, Art-pop, Blues Rock.

2. The Rolling Stones

Formed: 1962

Established: 1964

Place Of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Disco, Rock, Pop.

3. Queen

Formed: 1970

Established: 1972

Place Of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Classic Rock, Glam Rock, Pop, Disco, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock.

4. The Police

Formed: 1977

Established: 1978

Place Of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Classic Rock, Reggae Rock, Post-punk, New Wave.

5. Pink Floyd

Formed: 1965

Established: 1967

Place Of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Art-rock.

6. Bush

Formed: 1992

Established: 1994

Place Of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-grunge, Hard Rock, Brit-pop.

7. Radiohead

Formed: 1985

Established: 1993

Place Of Birth: Oxford, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Art-rock, Electronic Rock.

8. The Clash

Formed: 1975

Established: 1976

Place Of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Reggae Rock, Post-punk, New Wave.

9. The Cure

Formed: 1976

Established: 1979

Place Of Birth: Crawley, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Classic Rock, Gothic Rock, Post-punk, New Wave, Adult Alternative, Alternative Rock.

10. Fleetwood Mac

Formed: 1967

Established: 1970

Place Of Birth: London, England, United Kingdom.

Genre: Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Blues Rock.

Top 10 Best California Rock Bands

1. Counting Crows

Formed: 1991

Established: 1993

Place Of Birth: Berkeley, California, United States.

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock.

2. Green Day

Formed: 1986

Established: 1991

Place Of Birth: Oakland, California, United States.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop-punk, Punk Rock.

3. Stone Temple Pilots

Formed: 1985

Established: 1992

Place Of Birth: San Diego, California, United States.

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Post-grunge, Pop Rock.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Formed: 1983

Established: 1984

Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Funk Rock, Post-punk, Rap Rock.

5. The Wallflowers

Formed: 1989

Established: 1992

Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Genre: Rock, Roots Rock, Soft Rock, Adult Alternative, Alternative Rock, Adult Rock.

6. The Eagles

Formed: 1971

Established: 1972

Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Genre: Classic Rock, Folk Rock.

7. Creedence Clearwater Revival

Formed: 1966

Established: 1969

Place Of Birth: El Cerrito, California, United States.

Genre: Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Southern Rock.

8. The Doors

Formed: 1965

Established: 1968

Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Genre: Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Progressive Rock.

9. Avenged Sevenfold

Formed: 1999

Established: 2001

Place Of Birth: Huntington Beach, California, United States.

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal.

10. Blink-182

Formed: 1992

Established: 1998

Place Of Birth: Poway, California, United States.

Genre: Skate-punk, Pop-punk, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock.

Closer to You ~ The Wallflowers (Lyrics In Description)

Hey guys! In the past I’ve done plenty of lyrics in description blogs, and today I’m taking a look at one of my all time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite bands – “Closer to You”, by The Wallflowers. In the previous blog, I had already explained a little bit of it. But, I thought it’d be fun to analyze the whole thing. I really do love everything about this song. It sounds sweet and haunting, and at the same time. And the lyrics really hit home. Let’s dive into ‘em right now….


How soft a whisper can get, when you’re walkin’ through a crowded space. I hear every word being said, and I remember that everyday I get a little bit closer to you. You.

Verse #1 is all about introducing the setting, in my opinion. He’s walking with this girl as she talks to him, as he listens intensely to every word she says. And he remembers that every time they meet up again, he knows her a little better than the last. Therefore, he gets closer to her. From no physical contact, to a high five, to hugging – to me.


How long an hour can take, when you’re starin’ into open space. When I feel I’m slipping further away, well I remember that everyday I get a little bit closer to you.


You. To you. You.

The chorus is just a filler-in hook, of course.

Verse #2, however is just kicking up the relatable level. The lyrics depict the story furthermore. “How long an hour can take”, implies that he is waiting for something (for when he can see her, of course…)

Staring into open space is just a filler that rhymes due to verse #1.

“When I feel I’m slipping further away, I remember that everyday I get a little bit closer to you…”

Whenever he feels himself slide into depression due to being apart from her for such long periods of time, he looks up in hope remembering that another day that passes – is another day closer to seeing her again. When he feels he’s slipping further away, he remembers everyday he gets a little bit closer to you, thus boosting his mood – getting butterflies thinking about the next time they meet.


These are the days that I won’t get back, I won’t hear you cry or hear you laugh. And when it’s a quiet, and I don’t hear a thing. Well, I can always hear you breathe. You know there’s nowhere else I’ve wanted to be, than be there when you needed me. I’m sorry too, but don’t give up on me. And just remember that when you were asleep, I got a little bit closer to you.


You. To you. You.


You know there’s nowhere else I’ve wanted to be (you)

Than be there when you needed me (to you)

I’m sorry too, but don’t give up on me (you)

And just remember that when you were asleep, I got a little bit closer to you.

The interlude is the section of the song that most listeners classify as a real puzzler. In reality, it’s pretty self explanatory.

After only seeing her so often, he counts the days till he sees her again. Those days he counts are days he won’t get back, and he won’t spend time with her – laughing with her and crying with her. People view him wasting his time by counting those days, but for him – it makes the wait less agonizing.

“And when it’s quiet, and I don’t hear a thing. Well, I can always hear you breathe.”

When he is alone, with nothing but his thoughts and memories of the time he spent with her – he can’t talk to or see her. But he can still remember the wonderful sound that was her breathing.

At this point in the lyrics, he’s made mistakes along the way and the distance becomes tough for him. She feels sorry. He’s sorry too, but he pleads her not to give up on him because of that.

“I’m sorry too, but don’t give up on me.”…

I’ve always loved this part. He’s saying he’s sorry, but on top of that – asking for her to give him another chance, and that he will do anything he can to make it right. And to make it up to her.

This next line is wildly debated, but everyone always gets it wrong.

“When you were asleep I got a little bit closer to you…”

Many people get confused, saying this line means that he took advantage of her – getting physically closer.

While in reality, the context of the word closer is the same as it is used in the rest of song. He means EMOTIONALLY closer, and LITERALLY closer to seeing her again.

Sleeping isn’t what it actually means. What it means in this context, is just another way people represent night. And once night comes around, another day passes. And another day that passes, is one more day closer to seeing her again, and one day further away from him being apart from her. And also, he knows she dreams about him too, and one day she’ll have to do something about it. And one day, they will be together. While not reciprocated now, when she dreams – he appears because of how much he thinks about her. What goes around, comes around.

“And just remember” part means that whether she remembers it or not, he was there for her during her darkest hour and toughest times. So she shouldn’t give up on him because of this, even though he messed up. He loves her, and will always be there for her – even though he messed up along the way. He’ll do whatever he can to make it up to her, and will stand by her through everything.

That’s why this song is just musical perfection. Amazing composition that just matches the genius lyrics together…no other word can be used other than “perfectly”…

Thanks for reading guys. If you’re ever experiencing the emotion of a long distance kind of relationship or unrequited love, or even loss of a deceased loved one – this song will let you know you aren’t alone.

See ya 🤘🏻

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MonthlyMusicMovieReview #3 – “This Is Spinal Tap”

Hello everybody! Welcome to the third edition of MonthlyMusicMovieReview. In this series I write a short review for music movies and post them on the blog, and today I’m looking at what is definitely one of my all time favorite movies – This Is Spinal Tap.

Now, this movie is not only one of my favorite music movies – but generally one of my favorite films ever made. And loosely based on the fact that is infinitely quotable and it is hilarious!

This Is Spinal Tap is a fake rockumentary about a fake band called “Spinal Tap”. They are an 80’s hair metal band, and essentially they just took a bunch of 80’s stereotypical hair bands and put them into one blowing it up to the max.

The film is under 90 minutes long, and you’ll laugh the whole time. With likable characters, and fun not being able to find your way around the arenas – you’ll fall in love with this movie.

Especially if you are a guitarist you could relate to the beloved Nigel – who doesn’t like his guitars being touched and likes to turn up the amps to “11.” One of the single greatest movies scenes of all time is featured in this movie with Nigel in his guitar room. It was pretty dang funny.

Any how, thank you guys for reading today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you all soon! Check out Spinal Tap, and keep on rockin!

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Lindsay Buckingham is now suing Fleetwood Mac, and I side with him.

If you are not up to date on it, Fleetwood Mac is one of my all time favorite bands. And I’ve recently found out discouraging news about Lindsay Buckingham being fired from the band. Apparently Stevie Nicks told them “he goes or I go”.

Regarded, Stevie and Lindsay alike are needed in the band – however that being said that means firing Lindsay isn’t cool.

I’ve written a past blog on the subject of him being fired and him starting a solo tour just a couple days after Fleetwood’s kicks off, but today’s blog is loosely based on the troubling recent news that Lindsay Buckingham is SUING Fleetwood Mac, and about why him doing so is not unreasonable.

To start, the reason Lindsay Buckingham is suing Fleetwood Mac is because they promised to pay him when the tour was over. (As it was apart of his oral agreement)

After saying that he would not be receiving the money, and that the contract had no longer been a contract to Stevie and the rest of the band he sued. Naturally. You can’t just promise people money and have them sign a contract, just to go behind their back. That’s illegal. So it’s safe to say that Stevie Nicks has gone full on crazy. As talented as she may be, what she is doing is completely insane. My father had a past boss who did the exact same thing to him. It’s just flat out crazy.

Even though she may have gone insane, Fleetwood Mac is a band that I will always love and treasure and I can safely say I side with Lindsay. You can’t just remove such a soul part of the band. He sang co-lead vocals for the band’s biggest songs, he wrote the legendary guitar solos and riffs we all recognize and love, and to top it off he also composed the majority of the band’s music. This is a classic Pink Floyd situation happening all over again. Only appose to the other members sticking up for Lindsay who is the David Gilmour of the situation, they side with the Roger Waters whom is Stevie Nicks.

From an honest standpoint, if the other members had joined Lindsay you’d have a better chance of still being Fleetwood Mac rather than with Stevie. Don’t get me wrong, Stevie Nicks is a rock legend who is also a crazy talented singer, songwriter, performer, and many other things – but Lindsay in the end is probably more valued.

To wrap it up, I think that Lindsay Buckingham is the innocent victim of the situation and if I was in his position – then I would sue as well. He did nothing wrong.

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MonthlyMusicMovieReview – #1 “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”.

Hey readers! As said last week I will be opening up a new series in my blog – and here it is.

I am now writing monthly reviews for music movies, and to start I’d like to do this movie I recently saw that I LOVED!

Now to start, it is debatable to put this film under the “music” genre, but it’s close enough.

Based out of the comic book series by Brian Lee O’Malley, “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” / is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Set in Toronto, Canada – Scott Pilgrim is a bass player who shops at good will and live across the street from his parents. He meets the girl of his dreams…literally and has to defeat her 7 evil exes to be with her.

Stupid, right? That’s why it’s so ridiculously funny. What I love even more is that the bad guys are played by actors who portrayed super heroes, such as Captain America and Superman.

This 2 hour masterpiece is filled with fun, hilarious visual comedy, an incredible soundtrack. As a mega fan of The Smashing Pumpkins, and a pretty huge Metric fan I’m forced to love this movie. Even funnier is that Metric and Smashing Pumpkins toured together just this summer. Who knew? Maybe that’s how Billy Corgan discovered Metric.

Any how if you like oddballs, outcasts, loveable losers, rock music, video games, and comic books this movie is perfect for you. Just note it’s PG-13 for a reason, and shouldn’t be watched by a child under 13 without a parent. But, 13 or older they can watch alone. Also if you don’t like dumb jokes, comic books, video games, rock music, hilarious visual comedy, awesomeness, & super heroes you may want to steer clear. Any people over the age of 60 wouldn’t get any of the jokes.

But anyway, thanks again for reading! Watch or download Scott Pilgrim on Netflix or iTunes! It consistently hits the sweet spot!

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Thanks again for reading! Enjoy the film!

Knights of Malta – Smashing Pumpkins (review)

If you have not yet heard about the latest Smashing Pumpkins single, allow me to fill you in.

The Smashing Pumpkins are releasing new singles all over the place, about every 2 months. From “Solora”, to “Silvery Sometimes”, and now to “Knights of Malta”.

And let me tell you, I have only good things to say about this new single.

To start, Billy Corgan’s voice is way angelic possibly the most I’ve ever heard him be. The guitar solo is magnificent, and he has written his share of amazing guitar solos. I absolutely love the violin riffs and the female harmonies throughout the song. The lyrics are moving, but don’t get me wrong it doesn’t beat Mr. Corgan’s old stuff.

It’s a fantastic single, but my favorite of the three so far is still – “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)”.

Which I also wrote a review for.

In conclusion, it’s just so really jamming single that I think you should give a shot. Like SP or not, just try it out.

Any how, that’s a wrap on today’s post. Thank you all for reading, and thank you to all the long time supporters of this blog. Much love to you all.

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Check out Knights of Malta! Link below 👇🏻

8 Christmas Songs By Famous Rock Bands That Are Actually Pretty Good.

Hey guys it’s Luke.

With the holiday season coming up and all the Christmas ads and such on TV I thought I’d do a bit of Christmas promoting myself – and write a blog on 8 rock bands who have written good Christmas songs. Here we go!

1. Christmas Must Be Tonight by The Band (1977)

This band is literally so cool they are called The Band. And this song is pretty sweet. Most of the songs on this list are as the title says “pretty good”, but this song is a fantastic masterpiece. And again a lot of these songs are about your typical Santa and reindeer and what not, but this one is about Jesus. Weird from a rock band you could say.

2. Christmastime by The Smashing Pumpkins (2005)

If you are a long time follower of this blog, it is no secret that The Smashing Pumpkins are my favorite band. Instead of ranting about how great they are, I’ll keep it about the song. The song “Christmastime” was released in 2005 off the Pumpkins B-Sides & Rarities album. The song is good, but let me clarify it sounds absolutely nothing like The Smashing Pumpkins. Not saying the Pumpkins aren’t fond of the piano or anything, but this song is real heavy on it and it sounds really…Christmasy. Ever since being a Pumpkins fan, I’ve always loved listening to this song at Christmas dinner and such because it makes it feel like Christmas and it just feels good. Like a lot of the Pumpkins songs, it really speaks out to me.

3. Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney (1979)

To start, I think this song gets way too much hate. Granted it is not Paul’s best work, but that’s only because Paul has written so many great songs. It’s not like a masterpiece of work or anything, but it’s a nice fun Christmas tune. There’s this one part of the song where he repeats the word “ding dong”, and me and my dad made up the joke where – “What if it was called – Paul McCartney’s Ding Dong Song?”

It’s not funny, but the point is it’s a good song and especially for the fact that Paul wrote it late in his career. Take that Rolling Stone stupid critics!

4. Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley (1964)

Ok to fill you in, this song wasn’t actually written by Elvis. It was written by two other guys and given to Elvis to perform. But since he was the first to perform it, let’s just give it to him. Any how, this song brings out the soft side in all of us including Elvis. This Christmas classic easily is one of the best of all time, and possibly even my favorite Elvis song. For decades, it’s been dubbed one the best – as it should be.

5. Christmas Song by Dave Matthews Band (2002)

Again, compared to DMB’s other stuff it’s not top notch – but it is a nice Christmas tune. Growing up DMB was always my mom’s favorite band, and now I love them too. Me and mom now bond together by listening to them and a lot of other 90’s rock bands, and this song is just anther reminder of blessed I am. Any how, enough of the cheesy stuff – it’s just a nice Christmas tune like all the others.

6. A New York City Christmas by Rob Thomas (2002)

Matchbox 20 frontman, and pop rock legend Rob Thomas has indeed released a few of his own solo stuff, and this single is one of them. A great soft feel, as Rob’s angelic voice pulls you in. A song very Christmay and perfect for the holiday’s, all centered in the greatest city in the world. Doesn’t get much better than that. And that’s why it’s one of the best Christmas songs by rock artists ever.

7. Christmas All Over Again by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (1992)

This song again receives a unnecessary amount of hatred. It’s just a fun Christmas tune everybody chill! People poop on it just like people do to Wonderful Christmastime, and it’s simply because of all the great songs they wrote. People just think he was running out of ideas, but the fact of the matter is – he was just writing a fun Christmas tune for everybody to enjoy. And it’s deeply enjoyed by me every year.

8. I Believe In You by Bob Dylan (1979)

The purpose of this song and the entire album is to connect people with Christ, and it did for many. The Christmas gospel song has inspired people for years. Not trying to make a religious statement or anything here, just trying to tell you what the song is about. It’s a great jam and like many of Bob Dylan’s songs it makes you feel nice. Just another reason why he is my favorite solo rock act.

Any how, thank you so much for reading. Check out these Xmas songs if you haven’t heard em, and make sure to follow the blog for weekly posts about music! Thanks for stopping by. Support me on other social media…

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Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog (review)

The rock music world still mourns the death of Layne Staley, but Alice In Chains moved forward from his death with William Duvall joining Jerry Cantrell.

They have just released a new album, and it’s honestly pretty alright. The album’s sound kicks back to the darker side of Alice In Chains such as the “Dirt” era. Songs like “So Far Under”, and “The One You Know”, take you back and resemble songs such as “Down In A Hole”, or the massive blockbuster hit “Man In The Box”.

The album is quite honestly incredible, because it’s really just like a continuation of Dirt – but with a different singer.

Of course, Dirt will always holds its place in my heart, as well Layne Staley – but just because you loose someone doesn’t mean you have to stop playing.

There’s two things to do when in grief – accept, grieve, move forward, and then do something positive about it – or just grieve forever.

Like Alice In Chains or not, it really honestly deserves a listen. It’s a great alt-rock anthem combining music from the 90’s that we all remember and love. It really just takes you back to special times and places.

From namesake song “Rainer Fog”, to the hit single “The One You Know”, you immediately are invited to a pleasure train of great music and love to Jerry’s guitar riffs along side William Duvall’s husky vocals. Not to mention Mike Inez slapping his bass like a maniac, and Sean Kinney’s insane drum fills.

To conclude, it’s just a great record. Please go out and support this record, as Alice is one of my favorite groups. Jerry Cantrell is one of the best songwriters of generation x hands down, and hate Duvall or love Duvall – I recommend a listen.

Thank you for reading.

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The Eagles greatest hits compilation has just become the most bought record of all time.

There’s not much happening in rock music I’ve said before…. but boy this story has proved that wrong.

The Eagles greatest hits album has just become the most bought record of all time. Originally it was Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, but The Eagles slayed the king of pop.

It’s some of the best news I’ve heard in a while. 1 because I’m a big Eagles fan, and 2 because I hate pop.

It’s unbelievable. All over the place. 1971-1975 – Eagles greatest hits has killed Michael Jackson.

My biggest thought about all of this is it’s awesome, of course. But to be honest, I’m also quite surprised. The band is too, as Joe Walsh said in an interview – “It’s a dream come true, and it’s a true blessing to have been in this band.”

Right on, Joe. This is a key moment in rock history folks. There honestly hasn’t been such a great story in the genre sense the 90’s.

Because of this monumental moment in the history of rock, I encourage you today to listen to the greatest hits album of The Eagles! And if you don’t like them….then why are you here? To conclude, this gives me great hope for the future of rock.

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