Black Veil Brides – “Vale” Review

Black Veil Brides, as of 2018, have released yet another album! That’s right, the Hollywood metal stars return with an anthemic fifth album, and it is GOOD. While I’ve never personally been a big fan of the band, I’ve always actually liked them and this album helped me get into them a bit more. It seems as if every album gets a bit less angry, harsh, and bitter. And on this album frontman Andy Biersack shows off his piano skills, which are pretty sick. The album is as “poppy” as the band has ever been, and leans more towards hard rock rather than their usual metal music. The album has some of my favorite BVB songs such as “The King Of Pain”, and “The Last One”, and for the most part the album is pretty fine. But I will admit it does have some mediocre music on it. For the most part, it’s the band’s softest album, but right when you hear the first note to “My Vow”, it returns right back into their harder, more metal-like music. In fact this actually is probably the Brides most aggressive work yet. More vulgar than ever! Not quite to the Motionless In White type deal, but for all the music, Black Veil Brides have made, this song is the hardest. I’ll admit with all the line-up changes, what the band has gone through is sorta disappointing, and that’s why they’ll probably never beat their old stuff. But it’s still a good album, and I’d make time to check it out!