Is Michael Dorman REALLY the one to blame for the death of Patriot?!

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I just wanted to let you know, today’s blog post will be a little different.

I know it’s a music blog, but on random occasions I blog about other things I love too. Like television, for example.

Recently I found a show on amazon by the name of “Patriot”, and the two seasoned phenomenal prime original that I watched from start to finish…had announced it will not come back…

Apparently the star of the show Michael Dorman had announced that he was going to collaborate with Apple on a new television series about space or whatever.

When I first got the news there wouldn’t be a season three, I was pretty mad. Mainly mad at Michael Dorman for him being the one who ended it.

But then I got to some deeper thinking, and I researched more about the topic to find out – it wasn’t his fault at all the show is ending.

Apparently, after season 2 was filmed and released – the show Patriot had claimed they would be taking a brief 16 month break to write new material.

16 months, brief?!

And because Michael Dorman was no longer getting paid he needed anther acting job to provide for his family. And it’s not his fault at all!

These actors/actresses don’t get paid a lot for making this show. Which is no surprise, because no one has ever heard of it and their Instagram page only has a thousand followers.

And on top of them not getting paid very much, there are no royalties. Meaning, after you paid for the show – that’s it. Since it is only available on amazon and cable can’t replay it on multiple channels – the only royalties they get are when someone buys a season. And the royalties they do make a few cents, because a season all together cost $20 and most all of that money goes to amazon’s creator Jeff Beesoz.

I feel bad for being so hard on Michael Dorman. He’s just a New Zealand kid trying to provide for his family, and in this lesson I learned to read more into things before judging. Because clearly this was the show’s fault. 16 months without money is much too long.

The show may not be officially over I guess, as they could bring it back if they made enough money and could work around Michael Dorman’s schedule better – but there’s a 99.9% chance that won’t happen. Even if you told everyone you knew about the show.

Why? Because, prime originals for one never last long and the show will never make it to the mainstream section of amazon like Jack Ryan did – because it’s to original and nobody has ever heard of these amazing cast members because everyone is watching crummy cable shows. Amazon and Netflix is where all the great writers are, because on cable people don’t make shows like “Friends” or “Sleepy Hollow” anymore.

That’s right John. It’s not you we are mad, we’re mad at the owners of the show.

Any how, I appreciate all of you reading. And do watch Patriot because it is a genius and hilarious show – but I will worn once you finish you will more than likely be disappointed knowing it won’t come back. Or, you’ll just enjoy the 19 or so episodes and have time of your life.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog!

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A little bit about the show:

A CIA intelligence officer goes undercover with a pipe company to Lexoumbourg, and complications stir. With folk music, laughs, and much more.

Didn’t want to give you the whole plot, ya know?

Patriot Trailer –

Corey Taylor calls out Adam Levine – “Go back to the voice.”

Hey guys! As you know today is super bowl Sunday, but not only is it that – it’s also “the biggest rap party of the year” – said by boy band star Adam Levine.

Guys, I don’t know if you know this already but Adam Levine is a sell out.

He was asked to play the super bowl half time show and said yes and while in an interview he claimed – “Rock Music is uninteresting and boring. Hip hop is where it is really out.”

While having your opinion is fine – the thing that ticks me off about this is the fact is that he’s going around wearing freaking Metallica and Nirvana shirts while saying this crap.

Says a lot about the guys character, huh? Levine is the kinda guy who will do anything for a dollar.

But I’ll admit, selling out and being a jerk has worked out pretty well for him. He’s a multi millionaire big shot.

Recently I watched an interview with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor on the subject.

Now, I’m not a big Slipknot fan. However, Corey unlike Levine is an artist. He’s not pretending to be anyone else but himself. He’s his own authentic him and I may not love his music, but he’s not imitating any one. You know who he is – he’s Corey Taylor. Know what I’m saying?

Corey made many great points about Levine and how he should go back to the voice, because let’s be honest Levine is a sell out. I’d respect him if he wouldn’t make music that lacks any creativity or soul whatsoever, and if he wouldn’t play with rappers and pop stars who do the same – but he doesn’t do that.

It’s interesting to see people like him who have no respect for themselves whatsoever that they literally pretend to be someone their not, such as Levine. But hey, I don’t blame him for not respecting himself.

Any how, I know it sounds harsh but c’mon I’m just saying what we are all thinking.

Thanks again for reading my blog, and have a good day. Also, I don’t really care who ya go for in the bowl as long as it’s not Maroon 5 lol

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Thanks again for reading, and I hope no feelings were hurt in the making of this blog. I don’t hate Adam Levine, I just find it sad that someone could be so dishonest to themselves. And like Corey said, he’s being inauthentic – which is always annoying.

Lindsay Buckingham calls new Fleetwood Mac line-up a “cover band”, and he’s not wrong!

A few months ago, Fleetwood Mac let their legendary guitarist, co-lead singer, principle musical composer, & primary songwriter Lindsay Buckingham go to replace him with the guy from Crowded House and Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers.

If you know me, you probably know how much I love Fleetwood Mac and what a big influence Lindsey Buckingham has on my guitar playing, and despite Fleetwood getting rid of one of my idols I can’t hate them. However, without Lindsey it isn’t even Fleetwood Mac – I could that!

Recently in an interview Lindsey was asked about the new line up and he said it was basically a “cover band”, and he %100 correct!

Without your lead guitarist, singer, songwriter, & composer – you don’t have your band. Campbell and the Crowded house guy both are clearly talented, but it’s not the same sound or band without Lindsey.

It’s real unfortunate that this had to happen, and I side with Lindsay 100%. Stevie Nicks kicked him out, when Lindsay was the one her made her famous in the first place.

See, when Fleetwood Mac said they wanted Lindsay Buckingham to join – he said only if you take my girlfriend – which was Stevie Nicks. Years later they mutually decide to split up and are still friends – than even more years later Nicks becomes jealous I guess and tells the band “he goes or I go.”

My best guess is this all started because while after their split up, Lindsey got married and had a family – while Nicks lives alone all by herself in Arizona. He lived and still does today live the good life. A beautiful loving younger wife, a family – he’s living it up in LA! My best guess is Stevie got jealous of all that and kicked him out. Like she went crazy.

Nicks clearly is very talented, and I use to think she was cool – but after all this crap she started I think she’s just anther talented jerk.

Not cool of Mick Fleetwood either to not stick up for Lindsey, but whatever if Lindsay forgave him then I can too.

I’m not even really upset with Campbell, I love Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and he’s an amazing guitarist who has been friends with Fleetwood Mac for years. He took the job for that reason and the fact that he probably misses playing music. And frankly, who wouldn’t?!

But just because he is an incredibly talented guitarist, doesn’t mean he fits in the band.

Anyways, I guess that’s all I have to say. Thank you so much for reading. Please follow for weekly posts. And as always – I’ll see you next Sunday!

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Thanks again. See you all later.

Also – Lindsey is so awesome they needed 2 people to replace him haha 😆

The Rise and Fall of The Clash (Film Review)

Recently I watched a great Rock doc about The Clash with my father – “The Rise and Fall Of The Clash.”

The Clash is definitely one of my favorite bands and because of this I deeply enjoyed the documentary. I always love to look deeper and find out new things about bands I love. Featuring original members from the Clash, authors, actors and actresses, and other musicians to put on their input and put what they about the Clash out there. It was a really great documentary, that I recccomend highly for all fans of punk music.

It consists of exclusive concert cuts of the band, interviews, and non-stop back to back interesting facts about one of thee most influential and cherished bands of all time.

I really do think you should check it out. You learn a lot. You laugh, you cry, you get the best of everything – and it is safe to say that this has moved up on the list for my favorite rock documentaries.

Check it out! On amazon I think…

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Ten Best Rock Music Videos

Hey fans! Today we’re going to be taking a look at some of my personal favorite music videos. It’s fun do to this because I like comparing my list with yours, so tell me yours in the comment section below. Anyways let’s just start this list off!” -Luke Giese


“Don’t come around here by Tom Petty and the heartbreakers Video is even better then the song. And you guys probably already know what a huge fan of these guys I am. The video is super awesome almost like a Little short film. Petty didn’t do many videos, but when he did they were out there a awesome.” -Luke Giese


“This band’s videos are AWESOME. In this video we immediately learn what the song is about, they put the video perfectly with the song, and everyone knows that a lot of 90’s music videos are cool, but don’t make sense. But this one is/does both.” -Luke Giese


“If you don’t know already, let me clarify that I am a MEGA fan of these guys. This is one of my favorite songs of the 90’s, the video is so good i couldn’t explain. I normally don’t like canned music videos, I Like Live ones, but man is this one moving.” -Luke Giese


“This Video is hysterical, it’s a pretty good track to. I can relate to it, in the video he wins a $100 million dollar giant check just for not calling his ex. And I really dislike the band.


“This Video is epic. Song not so much.”


“I’m a big fan of these guys, and I don’t even really like emo anymore but man do I like these guys. The video is amazing, just like what it’s about (a cancer patient surviving), it fits!” -Luke Giese


“The Video is fun, exciting, & brings back good memories. Like watching a movie you don’t what will happen next.” -Luke Giese


“The Video is so great, they literally have names of the characters, it’s like a short film recaping St. jimmys life story.” -Luke Giese


“Set at a diamond mine in the middle of nowhere, this video is legit. The last time you see Billy with hair to.” -Luke Giese

“Before I mention my #1 favorite music video of all time, I’d like you to recongnize the honorable mentions list.” -Luke Giese












“Really great song from a great band that make a great video. It’s genius and if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s really just as amazing as any great movie you have seen.” -Luke Giese

“Thanks again for reading you guys. Post commentary, let me know what your favorite all time Music Video is, and as always have a good one! PS IM STARTING A SURVEY ON THE TOP TEN BEST SOLO ACTS EVER (singer/songwriters), POST YOUR TOP TEN PICKS AND THEN YOU MAY SEE THEM UP HERE.” -Luke Giese

MonthlyMusicMovieReview – #2 “School Of Rock.”

Hey everybody! Today we are going to be taking a look at one of my all time favorite movies, and one of thee most cherished films made by the legendary Jack Black – School Of Rock. I do these reviews every month!

To start, only God knows how many times I’ve seen this movie. I’ve watched it A LOT! And the main reason for that is simply because it is a great movie. It has everything a good movie needs to have. A great storyline, talented cast, good soundtrack, & heroes and villains.

It’s the perfect laid back movie to watch with your family.

And if you don’t know what it is about, allow me to quickly fill you in…

“School Of Rock”, features Jack Black portraying an unlucky musician without a job looking to find his way in his musical career. He lives with his best friend who use to be in a metal band with him and his best friends high maintenance girlfriend who is always telling Jack to get a job. Jack is kicked out of his band, and unlike his friend the substitute teacher – he doesn’t make money. The phone rings one day, and he picks it up to find that it is a School. A school that’s needs a substitute teacher. Jack takes up the job to find an incredibly talented musical group and teaches them to rock. Stupid? Yes. Hilarious and easily one of the best films made? Also a yes!

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this classic film and I highly recommend this to all. Thanks for reading!

10 Best Rock Basslines

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Book Of Luke. Today I’m going to be taking a look at what are my personal favorite rock bass lines. Do keep in mind, this list is 100% my opinion and by “best”, I mean “my favorite”. Let’s get to it.

10. Money by Pink Floyd (1973)

Money by Pink Floyd is easily one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs, and is also easily one of greatest bass lines I’ve ever heard. It’s just absolutely amazing, and Roger Waters never fails to compose awesome music. The bass line is groovy, catchy, and gets stuck in your head. Floyd does an exceptional job writing good songs with great bass lines, and as you tell by what I’ve said about this song I am a huge Pink Floyd fan. It’s a jamming bass line, but it’s not my favorite.

9. When I Come Around by Green Day (1994)

Ahhhh Green Day. One of thee most cherished punk bands of all time, who will always hold a place in my heart. On top of Green Day being an awesome band with incredibly talented members, their bass lines are amazing. Bassist Mike Dirnt plays a fender precision bass guitar with a pick. Dirnt really brought the trend of playing bass with a pick back, and his unique tone and style has influenced musicians across the globe. Now you can see pink bass players everywhere using a pick. Pretty much all punk bassists play with picks. And you can credit Mike Dirnt for that.

8. Would? by Alice In Chains (1992)

Alice In Chains is one of my favorite bands and I’ve loved them from the start. And let me say bassist Mike Starr was incredibly underrated. Regarded Mike Inez is just as good, Starr was clearly gifted. He played with passion and feel, more than you typically say and this song in particular shows his talent. It’s the first instrument heard in the song and intro takes you to a different place. Starr is a bass riff lord without a doubt, and the list wouldn’t be complete without a AIN bass-line.

7. Message In a Bottle by The Police (1979)

Sting of The Police is rightfully dubbed one of the most creative and innovative bassists in all of rock, and I really could have put any one of their bass-lines on this list. But the main reason I picked this one is because I think out of all their great bass-lines, this one shows off Sting’s talents the most. For starters, it’s incredibly hard to sing and play. I know because I’ve tried it. And the songwriting is just flat out amazing. Filled with great lines after lines. Sting and The Police really hit it out of the park with this one, as they did a lot. One of the many reasons I love this band.

6. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac (1977)

Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain is easily one of the most popular and adored bass lines of the 70s and it’s no secret to why I love it. It’s just the perfect bass line. It’s groovy yet not goofy, fun, edgy, & melodic all at once. At times I find myself singing it to myself just because of how melodic it is. Easily one of my favorite bass lines of all time from one of the greatest bands in rock.

5. Anther One Bites The Dust by Queen (1980)

Down to the top 5 and nobody deserves the position more than John Deacon. Deacon is an incredible bass guitarist who composed thousands of fantastic bass lines. But this one really stands out. Wouldn’t expect a three note riff to be as good and as catchy as this but dang! It’s like the Smoke On The Water of bass. Great and fun and catchy all around – John Deacon never fails to amaze.

4. 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins (1995)

A one note for the most part riff, “1979” is one of the greatest bass lines of the 90’s. It’s simplistic and melodic and beautiful and easily makes the list. The Pumpkins have been my favorite band ever since I discovered them a year ago. Too many great songs to name. 1979 isn’t nesscarily my favorite SP song, but it’s definitely up there and definitely needs to make this list. I mean it’s ONE FRIGGIN NOTE!

3. Crush by Dave Matthews Band (1998)

“Crush”, by Dave Matthews Band is no doubt a fantastic and well written song. And it’s bass line is incredible. Stefan Lessard is so talented and the story behind him is awesome. Just a 17 year old bass player when Dave Matthews asked him to play for him. At this time DMB was just a small bar band and everyone told Stefan he was stupid because he picked them over college and yet here he is one of the greatest bassists of all time playing for one of the most successful bands of the 90’s. Well deserved, because DMB rocks.

2. Under The Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1991)

Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers is easily and rightfully crowned the greatest bassist of all time and this would not be a list without some Red Hot Chili Peppers! Everything about this song is awesome. The bass line, the guitar tone, Anthony Kiedis vocals, Chad’s percussive drum fills – just everything about it is great. Flea has made countless great bass lines and his success is definitely deserved!

1. Californiacation by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999)

This is no doubt my all time favorite bass line. It’s the reason I bought a bass. It’s so amazing people often mistake it for a guitar. Flea is incredible, as is this difficult bass riff. This song is filled with juicy bass licks, charismatic vocals and like Under The Bridge is just very well written and composed. When you think they couldn’t get better, just listen to this. It’s a real life changer.

Thank you guys for reading. This was a hard list to make and I hope you all enjoyed! Follow the blog and I will see you guys next week!

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11. Jumper by Third Eye Blind (1997)

12. Stir It Up by Bob Marley & The Wailers (1972)

13. Longview by Green Day (1994)

14. Black by Pearl Jam (1991)

15. Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 (1983)

16. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (1991)

17. Higher Ground by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1988)

18. Haginaround by Counting Crows (1999)

19. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots (1992)

20. Heart Of Gold by Neil Young (1972)