When I was little, a little boy – the best things in life didn’t seem so easy to destroy. Now that I’m older, I see the way of the world and what it is in and of itself. The pain it causes me at night moves me out of peace like a conveyor belt.

From the nursery days to now, I still feel ashamed. I will never be worthy or royal, and instead feel the same. I may always feel without a home and lost, as if I’m traveling through wheat fields. Like a rat in a cage, I am trapped in a prison of what everyone expects me to feel.

With my yellow jacket in the rain, I will never understand why I cause everyone so much pain. Perhaps I will one day pay the price and face the strain, dreaming on about a world of change.


Daydreaming again, it happens everyday. Visions of antique brass and ruby slippers are often ruptured by a sway.

I often get lost in my thoughts. I wish I could focus more, as my quicksilver imagination as led me to so much loss.

I wish I could savor all of the precious and small moments like coming across a field of poppies. But as I hold up the new leaf, I discover again and again that what I do end up remembering is always sloppy.

My daydreams may go on and on, whether they be about a beach or a pond. Even though they often distract me from the real world, they are always memorable and precious – like a newborn fawn.

I quite like daydreaming after all, it seems to be. Forget about the real world, for it often fails you and knocks you down to your knees.

Hunter ❤️👸👑💍😍♥️

You are more beautiful than every single star and constellation in the galaxy. The Northern Lights would dimmer at the sight of you, as your incomparable, captivating, divine beauty sends me down to my knees. No one could hold a candle up to you, for you are beyond extraordinary.

Your stunningly gorgeous golden hair that shines brighter than the sun never fails to leave me awestruck. Getting to stare into your breathtakingly, magnificent, glorious eyes that run as deep as outer space – would make me one of the greatest and most impossible luck. The way your ocean sky blue eyes shine brighter than diamonds every time that I see your marvelous, mesmerizing, holy smile makes me fall for you even harder than imagined possible.

Your laugh is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard, and I will never take for granted of the blessing that is hearing it occur. For it is music to my ears that plays over the most breathtaking smile in the universe.

You are the most beautiful woman to ever live and that will ever exist, I insist. Motivating people to come together for justice in times of desperation – you are such a passionate, driven, caring soul – and you are always my greatest inspiration. May your wonderful and driven spirit that flies higher than the wings of an eagle always play it’s role in your making of a difference.

You are my world, my sky, my moon, my stars, and my sun that guides me home. You are more talented, amazing, and special than you will ever know. You have the best sense of humor, you have a brilliant mind that is one of a kind, and you bare more strength throughout hard times than the fastest imaginable rip tides.

There are not enough words in the world for me to tell you how you are perfect and flawless in every single way. You are a goddess, you are a queen, and I love you more and more everyday.

Top 10 Greatest U.S. Presidents

1. Abraham Lincoln (16th U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1861-1865

Political Views: Republican Party

Religious Views: Spiritual

Vice President(s): Hannibal Hamlin (1861-1865), Andrew Johnson (1865-1865)

Previous Occupation: State Representative of Kentucky

Strongest Points:

1. Pursued equal justice for all, as he abolished slavery by leading the Union Army to victory against The Confederates in The Civil War, letting all African American‘s free from enslavement – as he understood that we are all created equal.

2. Outstanding crisis leadership, as he stood out on the front lines and battle fields during The Civil War unarmed, and even after multiple assassination attempts by evil slave owners that wanted to keep brutalizing black people – he walked around town alone, displaying his ability to be brave in the worst of times, give hope to the people, and lead them out of such an awful crisis.

3. Administrative skills and setting an agenda, as he surrounded himself with people who thought differently, because he could handle a different perspective – and that is always needed in a President. He liked hearing different insights that pertained to decision making, and his acceptance of constructive criticism helped him achieve his success of winning The Civil War with the northern states Union Army against the southern states Confederacy, abolishing slavery, signing The Emancipation Proclamation, walking around the front lines and battle fields completely unarmed, & uniting the people that were for freedom during times of crisis – as he also bared great public persuasion skills, and had made numerous inspiring speeches that motivated people during dark times. Most notably, the awe-inspiring Gettysburg Address.

Weakest Points:

1. Relations with congress, as he didn’t break apart and take to court the corrupt individuals working there who not only had too much power over the decision making in the lives of the citizens – but began later helping steel factory companies enforce cheap labor on their workers. But Lincoln couldn’t see into the future, so there is no way he possibly could’ve cared about it – as at the time it wasn’t really an issue – unlike owning people and brutalizing them. He was busy guiding America throughout the biggest political and constitutional crisis we would ever see.

2. George Washington (1st U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1789-1797

Political Views: Independent

Religious Views: Episcopalian

Vice President(s): John Adams (1789-1797)

Previous Occupation: General in the American Revolution

Strongest Points:

1. His strong economic management, as he brought jobs to all of the American people and made all the tax breaks necessary for the economy to take off and boom.

2. His major role in the founding and birthing of America, as he led us to victory against Britain as commanding Army general in The Revolutionary War so that we could be free.

3. Laying down the foundation of America’s laws, how congress will work, who will be in charge of what, and how state laws and different government positions would function. He laid down everything American presidency should be after his rejection of the position of king, by setting down the ground rules of good public persuasion, uniting the states, uniting the people, making the budget cuts necessary so there is a chicken in every pot, & surrounding yourself with free-thinkers who have different views and different perspectives. Washington and Lincoln’s performance of context within the times – was better than any other president America has had. Washington also had great public persuasion skills, as he is the only President to have won every single state. And after being asked to be appointed king by America, he said that’s not what we fought for. Not many would have the courage to turn down the position of king. He is also the only person to become President without running. Public persuasion was Washington’s strongest performing category, and independents, Federalists, & Democratic-Republicans alike loved him. He united the states, and we always need a president who does that.

Weakest Points:

1. Pursued equal justice for all, as he ignored the slavery problem and didn’t speak out about the way innocent African American’s had been brutalized. While Washington is the only slave owning President to free all his slaves, he didn’t free the many others people had owned – and instead let them continue to suffer, as did everyone before Lincoln.

3. Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1933-1945

Political Views: Democratic Party

Religious Views: Episcopalian

Vice President(s): John Nance Garner (1933-1941), Henry A. Wallace (1941-1945), Harry S. Truman (1945-1945)

Previous Occupation: Governor of New York

Strongest Points:

1. His economic management post-Great Depression, as he brought jobs to the people after what at the time was the worst recession in American history – with a series of programs for economic recovery called The New Deal, that had invented social security and reformed the banking system, and rebuilt and brought back the economy – giving jobs to all the millions of unemployed citizens, reviving and bringing back all of the bankrupt businesses – defeating the 24.6% unemployment rate after 10 years.

2. His exceptional skills in handling international situations, as he knew exactly when America should’ve gotten involved in WWII – and all the moves we needed to make in order to be successful.

3. His public persuasion skills, as he was genuine, honest, & likable – and he united the states and the people during times of crisis.

Weakest Points:

1. Relations with congress, as he achieved little success in removing the corrupt legislators that desired too much control and wanted to enforce unconstitutional laws – and ignoring the issue later made it progress to the point there was a war on drugs in the 60’s and 70’s, as people ignored border control and didn’t take the individuals in congress that helped push illegal drugs to court. With the help of congress, he also pushed the United Nations (formally known as The League Of Nations by Woodrow Wilson), which was a horrible failure than should not have been expanded upon. While Wilson and FDR are not to be responsible or at fault for the UN’s inability to properly face a crisis, they did push and found it which despite being a good idea – resulted as a disaster and joke.

4. Theodore Roosevelt (26th U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1901-1909

Political Views: Republican Party

Religious Views: Presbyterian

Vice President(s): Charles W. Fairbanks (1905-1909)

Previous Occupation: Vice President of The United States of America

Strongest Points:

1. Relations with congress, as he stood up and broke apart all of the steel factories and cooperations that were enforcing cheap labor on their workers, brutalizing them with 7 day work weeks, 12 hours a day. He knew exactly how to conquer and defeat them once and for all, as he took them to court and played monopoly. He was a bright mind and great leader who knew how to get the job done, freeing those workers from cheap labor once and for all – busting up not only the corrupt companies, but the corrupt individuals in congress that helped enforce that horrible cheap labor.

2. Outstanding public persuasion skills, as he united the states and people during dark times – while democrats and republicans alike had voted for him due to his open mind and respect for opposing candidates and different points of view.

3. Phenomenal crisis leadership, as he walked around town alone representing his extreme bravery in times it was most difficult to be brave like Lincoln. Even after an assassination attempt by a bullet to the chest from a factory owner that wanted to keep enforcing cheap labor nearly killed him – he still walked around without fear demonstrating and giving hope to the people.

Weakest Points:

1. Having heedlessness concerning his men as a rough rider during The Spanish-American War, and due to a lot of the rash decisions he made – he costed many rough rider’s their lives. And as President, he should’ve spoken about women’s rights as they had been terribly oppressed and could not vote or drive.

5. Harry S. Truman (33rd U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1945-1953

Political Views: Democratic Party

Religious Views: Protestant

Vice President(s) Alben W. Barkley (1949-1953)

Previous Occupation: Vice President of The United States of America

Strongest Points:

1. International situations, as he led America to victory in WWII by dropping an atomic bomb on Japan – forcing them to surrender, and ending the war for good. He took all the steps necessary in order for us to be successful during the war’s final stages.

2. Public persuasion skills, as he was charismatic and united individuals on both sides during hard times.

3. His phenomenal economic management by continuing down the road of FDR’s economic policies, as Truman invented the term “chicken in every pot” – which means there will be jobs for all and food on the table for your families. And sure enough, there was!

Weakest Points:

1. Lack of a more planned out presidential agenda, as he was inaugurated out of the blue after FDR had died during his fourth term – and he didn’t have a solid plan set out for building an administration. While Teddy Roosevelt was also inaugurated out of the blue after the assassination of William McKinley, Roosevelt had better vision setting than Truman and had the agenda of taking down the horrible steel factory companies and individuals in congress breaking the labor laws long before he took office. Theodore was chosen by the party to serve as McKinley’s VP because of his rough and tumble leadership as a rough rider in The Spanish-American War, and because he was so conservative. The original idea of the Republican Party and President McKiney was to keep Roosevelt silent, but as I stated before – he had big plans to move the country forward long before taking office.

6. Woodrow Wilson (28th U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1913-1921

Political Views: Democratic Party

Religious Views: Presbyterian

Vice President(s): Thomas Marshall (1913-1921)

Previous Occupation: Governor of New Jersey

Strongest Points:

1. Pursued equal justice for all, as he stood up and said it was wrong how women couldn’t vote or drive – as he understood that we are all created equal, and that women need equal rights. So, he proposed multiple bills protecting their rights including the right to vote as he added the 19th constitutional amendment in 1920 after years of women being oppressed – because no President before him had addressed the issue.

2. Administrative skills, as he surrounded himself with independent free thinkers and contemplated perspectives from all sides. He kept an open mind at all times, and never inappropriately trashed opposing candidates – as he had a great vision and he set a solid and firm agenda after President Taft’s recession economy that Wilson revived.

3. International situations, as he led America to victory in WWI – and he knew all the steps that needed to be taken in order to be successful. Like FDR, he knew exactly when to get involved – and he sent the declaration of war at just the right time.

Weakest Points:

1. Having poor communication skills to the people, as he didn’t properly inform them about The Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 – which had resulted in the death of many. He inappropriately addressed it, and should’ve spoken up more about it. Or done more research to inform the people, as he just should have handled it more aggressively. And starting the horrible failure known as The League Of Nations that was later changed to The United Nations by FDR – was a great idea that just was impossible to execute. It resulted as an embarrassment as the UN’s inability to face a crisis as they couldn’t help any countries like they were supposed to. Poor move nonetheless, but Wilson and FDR’s intentions were good and they aren’t really responsible for anything that The UN did – rather the UN’s founders and leaders were at fault for not being able to help as needed and face a crisis. Started by Woodrow as an alternative to going to war, because he understood that you should only get involved when absolutely necessary – The League Of Nations was a good plan and placeholder prior to sending the declaration of war.

7. Ronald Reagan (40th U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1981-1989

Political Views: Republican Party

Religious Views: Presbyterian

Vice President(s): George H.W. Bush (1981-1989)

Previous Occupation: Governor of California

Strongest Points:

1. Outstanding public persuasion, as he was funny and likable and united republicans and democrats alike in times of crisis – winning 49/50 states, and even prior to that – became governor of a liberal state as a conservative, because everybody liked him as he was kind to everyone, expressed different views in a civil and sophisticated manner, and united the people.

2. Administrative skills, as he surrounded himself with other different thinkers who had different perspectives – and his ability to contemplate a different point of view played a major role in the decisions he made to moving the country forward, bringing us back to economic health after the recession of Jimmy Carter, ending the Cold War, and ending the terrible division that had been progressing for two decades. And he knew that it wasn’t the fault of either side, but the fault of the politicians for wanting to argue with each other – rather than come up with solutions to the problems at hand. He was always kind to his opponents, made funny jokes, & united democrats and republicans alike.

3. Economic management, as he brought up a booming economy after a bad recession, gave jobs to all of the unemployed, and cut unnecessary taxes -all during his first term. Most notable economic management decisions include cutting the income tax with two separate bills via – The Economic Recovery Act of 1981, and The Tax Reform Act of 1986.

Weakest Points:

1. Pursued equal justice for all, as he ignored the way gay people were being treated and discriminated against. Despite doing an exceptional job educating America about the AIDS epidemic, as Reagan had great communication skills to the people – he did little to help the victims of the disease, which had primarily effected homosexuals and drug users – and many innocent people died because he wouldn’t do anything about the issue. And as gay people couldn’t get married and were being picked on – he didn’t address the problem or speak up about it.

8. Thomas Jefferson (3rd U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1801-1809

Political Views: Democratic-Republican Party

Religious Views: Deism

Vice President(s): Aaron Burr (1801-1805), George Clinton (1805-1809)

Previous Occupation: Vice President of The United States of America

Strongest Points:

1. Expanding the country with The Louisiana Purchase, which had officially made the state a part of the country – and shipped in more jobs to the people, helping further bring up the economy, and helping Jefferson give a chicken in every pot. He also had cut and lowered unnecessary taxes to further help the economy take off, as his economic management was just excellent.

2. His major role in the founding of and birthing of America, as he was the primary author and the one who drafted The Declaration Of Independence – freeing us against The British in 1776.

3. His exceptional crisis leadership skills and bravery throughout the darkest of times, as even though he knew making a lot of the decisions he made during The Revolution, as the 1st Governor of Virginia, as Vice President, & as President – could’ve costed him his life, he made those decisions anyway for the freedom and for the sake of the people.

Weakest Points:

1. Pursued equal justice for all, as he was a hypocritical slave owner that didn’t address the problem of owning people.

9. Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1953-1961

Political Views: Republican Party

Religious Views: Quaker

Vice President(s): Richard Nixon (1953-1961)

Previous Occupation: Supreme Court Commander of The National Treaty Organization

Strongest Points:

1. Pursued equal justice for all, as he proposed a civil rights bill that protected the voting rights of African-American citizens – as they had been oppressed and their votes had little influence in the majority of southern states, due to various local and state laws.

2. Relations with congress, as with their help he founded NASA, started the interstate highway system, and expanded social security.

3. Public persuasion, as he united the states and had an open mind at all times and respect for his opponents and their different points of view. He was a good moral compass and individuals on both sides respected him.

Weakest Points:

1. Economic management, as after Truman’s booming economy post WWII – Eisenhower didn’t know how to replicate Harry’s economic success and his policies that needed to be continued in order to be successful – and he ended up leaving America with a shortage of supplies that we had already begin to run short on to due a World War, and things became slightly more expensive for the lower and middle class citizens. But he didn’t tank the economy, everyone had jobs, there was a chicken in every pot, and he also further lowered all of the taxes and kept the stock market up and alive. In fact, President Eisenhower only temporarily disrupted the economy and ended up balancing the budget. And he was the only president that would do so for quite some time, as his economic management was still good, yet also his weakest performing category.

10. James Madison (4th U.S. President)

Presidential Term: 1809-1817

Political Views: Democratic-Republican Party

Religious Views: Anglican

Vice President(s): George Clinton (1809-1812), Elbridge Gerry (1813-1814)

Previous Occupation: Jefferson White House Secretary of State

Strongest Points:

1. International situations, as he successfully led America to victory through the war of 1812 with strong military leadership, crisis leadership, and moral authority.

2. His good vision setting and agenda, as he had a plan he was going stick with and he knew exactly who he wanted in his administration. He had an open mind and surrounded himself with independent thinkers, which helped him make a lot of the decisions he made pertaining to moving the country forward.

3. His major role in the founding and birthing of America, as he was the one to draft and write The Constitution and Bill Of Rights – protecting us from oppression from the British once and for all, & giving us the amendments and constitutional freedoms no other country would have. Madison is also often referred to and credited as – “The Father Of The Bill Of Rights”.

Weakest Points:

1. Pursued equal justice for all, as he ignored the slavery problem – and was a hypocritical owner of human beings himself. To the British, all men created equal – and as for the slaves – nobody before Lincoln knew how to handle the situation. While Madison and other presidents before Lincoln were morally and ethically against slavery, they saw it as a constitutional right at the time and because they hadn’t known anything different – they just didn’t know how to fix the problem. Madison and the rest of our Founding Father’s most certainly didn’t fear being judged for addressing the problem, as all the decisions they made leading up to freeing us from The British costed them so much, they just didn’t care that much about the issue of slavery – and were focused on defeating The British and founding America. If they had been focusing on the slavery issue, America wouldn’t have been founded, we wouldn’t have moved forward, & the country would have been dead.


They sent them out to die, they really crossed the line. A story left in time, forgotten in their minds. They were left far behind, they weren’t treated kind.

They didn’t have a choice, they didn’t have a voice. They were sent out to fight a fight that wasn’t worth it, and payed a price and mourned in curses.

All the stolen voices that will someday be returned, here is an ode to all those who served. Their lives should not have been put on the line, they were the victims of a cruel and dark demise.

They lost a war not worth it.

Crush (The Poem)

Every time you smile, my heart beats as if I have run for miles. Every time I stare into your gorgeous eyes, I feel a sense of peace that I simply just cannot describe.

Your long, majestic, shiny, and oh so very holy golden, soft, honey blonde hair falls perfectly around your beautiful angelic face. With your sparkly ocean sky blue eyes I get lost in as my heart begins to race, and my hands and knees they shake. Your glorious eyes shine brighter than diamonds, lighting up your magnificent, breathtaking, delicate grace.

I adore everything about you, especially the little things you do that blow me away. Like that lovely, adorable, cute scrunched face and smile you make whenever I give you a compliment – it never fails to take my breath away.

You are beautiful, you are kind, you are always on my mind. You are inspirational, you are outgoing, you work so hard and you are oh so very smart.

You are driven, you are unique, you are so amazing and sweet. You are funny, you have sensational style, your personality is fun and wild.

You are the most beautiful woman ever to walk the earth, inside and out. From the bottom of my heart, I tell you of these facts without a doubt.


It seems as if everywhere I go people call me “that guy”. When the reality is I am not, and I haven’t been for quite sometime. Open up your mind, can’t you see that I have changed my life? I had been shown to me myself, and I have become someone else. Let me be me please.

I am not the same person that I was before. You probably wouldn’t even recognize me anymore. You are allowed to outgrow people, and this includes past versions of yourself. Sometimes it is better to change than stay the same, especially if it is in a positive way.

I don’t care what people say, I’ll go as far to change my name. You didn’t know me then, so I wouldn’t expect you to recognize how I’ve changed now. But I have changed, and no longer will I let people down. Nor will I walk around with a frown. That individual no longer exists. He could’ve started the apocalypse. He was in need of change. He was lost. But no longer will he hang his head down in shame, for he has changed in the very best of ways.

The Darkness Or The Light

They say that the light will fight, and that God shall hold me tight. They say that the cross has won, and that our sins are undone. They say the demons loose, and that you must choose – between the darkness and the light.

They told me long ago that nobody truly knows why we are deceived. But everyday by God’s grace, we are given the opportunity to start a new life. But only if we can find the fight, between the darkness and the light. I don’t know why, but sometimes I fail to find the difference between the darkness and the light.

All I can do is hope the light fights off the night, and not have fright – whilst having faith in Him that everything will be alright. Whom am I to worry? I am a child of God. Yet still clueless, I am at times. So I may just bite my lip and close my eyes, letting the years go by. Never worry, for I know what happens after I die. But on and on it will go, until the end of time – the battle of the darkness and the light.


As I look up at the sky, wondering how I’m still alive – I see a shadow of a raven peering deep into my lies. They go as deep as outer space, a never ending void. Like a black hole, it sucks away all of my joy.

Is there a way out? I am yet to know. Yet I go and I go, trying to move forward. Like a black cat, I am an outcast. I am misunderstood. As I read between the lines of graphite passed down onto me, I learn through all of this pain – there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, even through the darkest of times. And until the day I die, I will strain to move forward from past mistakes and be alright. Nothing lasts forever, darkness will end sometime. But for now like a bento box, I am left forgotten and far behind.


There is truly no one more beautiful than you, no even comes close or compares. Your divine beauty puts all else to shame, there is no comparison, it would be unfair. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, truthfully I declare.

You have the most perfect, stunningly beautiful blue eyes that combine the wonderful mix of the ocean and the sky. I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes that shine so bright, as the sight of your marvelous, long, glorious golden hair makes me loose my mind. It does not shine like the sun, it downright replaces it without question all day and all day night, 365. The very thought of you is a reminder of the good that is in life. On my mind every minute of every day, you bring me happiness and joy all the time. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there for you by your side both day and night.

You are the most kind person I have ever met, as you treat everyone around you with love and respect. Loving towards animals, friends, and family – you are a light in the lives of so many. Please never change who you are, because you are beyond extraordinary. From your amazing work ethic which continues to inspire me to work harder, to your gorgeous smile that makes me knees weak as they begin to shake – there is not a thing about you in need of change. You are perfect and flawless in every single way. You make expressing my feelings easy, when they are usually hard to explain. You are a goddess and a queen, so please do forgive me if I tend to act a little strange. You inspire me, motivate me, and take away the pain. Thank you for being you, every night and every day.