Storming at the square, anything for a good scare. They’ll believe all his lies, as he tells them he’s being victimized. Sitting on a throne of felony, saying he’ll overturn something he can’t – anything for some more money.

He led them to the town, he turned his back on them without a frown. But they cannot see through their own ignorance – they’ll never let it go, but he won’t be missed.

A spineless coward with a heart as cold as ice, there his goons go to put up another worthless fight. Wanting nothing more than to see this country crumble, we knew when he came along that we would stumble. But we didn’t know how far gone things would get, as his evil army tears down Washington – he insists they’re “just upset.” As the next fool comes in, bad but predictable – we will never forget how the waste before made things so unstable.

As they blindly follow whatever he says, he and his cult aboard on their sinking ship are finally laid to rest.

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