An Ode to Hunter

A feeling of peace takes over me every time that I stare into your deep blue eyes. You shine brighter than every single star in the galaxy, you’re sweeter than cherry pie.

You’re playing my heart like a saxophone solo, hitting every note perfectly that makes me fall even harder in love with you. The buzz in my fingertips that occurs when I gaze upon your beautiful, long, golden hair reminds me what I feel is true.

I’d do anything just to see your beautiful smile. For it is the most captivating of melodies, and a sight that would motivate me to run for endless miles. I’d charge through an avalanche, I’d set sail through the sea. Even when the waves are rough – knowing they lead to you makes them as smooth sailing as can be.

Every time we lock eyes, I can’t explain the feelings that you give me in my heart. You can make it last forever, your love washed away all of my scars.

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