Truthfully, I say – I could stare at you all day. Your smile that makes my heart beat out of time never ceases to take my breath away.

Roaring and incomparable beauty I never knew possible to exist, I could be here for an eternity jotting down everything I love about you on a list. From the way your big brown eyes turn to golden honey in the light, to your majestic dark hair more mesmerizing than the sky – you shine in my life like a star oh so very bright.

Intelligent and funny, colorful and strong – there is nothing else I want to do more than shower you with love all day long. Make you laugh, make you feel loved, and sing you many, many songs.

Cute as a button, unique as a cloud. Every time I look at you, I can feel my heart pound.

I adore everything about you from your toes to your face. Time spent without you is a waste, there is not a thing about you I would change.

Awestruck, I am left any time that you are near. Every time I see you at my show – the joy it brings me makes me feel as if never will I shed a single tear.

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