Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a home. Being different isn’t easy, it can make you feel alone.

I am like a scarecrow, I don’t fit in anywhere. I’m blinded by the fog that misleads me to believe that people actually care. In a constant state of fear of what others might say, today is the day I will move on away.

Why fear being different? It’s not like it’s bad. It in fact helps to stand out from the latest trends and newest fads. I don’t want to be ordinary, for it is everyone else that’s backwards. Who cares what they say? They do not matter.

If you ever feel trapped in a deep sea vent – remember that being different helps you at your own expense. Don’t ever feel like there isn’t any hope – you’re not the only one and you’re not alone. Your uniqueness is pizzaz, stick with it as long as it will last. And from cliff’s edge remember – pain is soon to pass.

One thought on “Clock

  1. The people that mind, don’t matter.
    The people that matter, don’t mind.
    I once heard you know the people that love you because their faces light up when they see you and they don’t have an elaborate agaenda for your improvement!

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