One Last Time

Black as the night, my soul is worn deep. Cold to the touch, afar from a cliff that is steep. There are days where even the simplest tasks are hard. Like getting out of bed, or going the extra yard.

The scars I bare tell the story of regret. I’ve tried so hard to clean up my life that is a mess. Sucked into a black hole of never ending pain, here come along the town’s people to drive me close to insane.

I often try to hold back tears, fake a smile and look back over all these years. So worn out in my shoes, most days don’t feel worth it – on and on I am faced with a permanent decision in which I must choose.

Love is like suicide – take it or leave it, you must decide. I can dream of streams in the desert, dream of a love like no other. But as the blade cuts me through, making me feel good – it reminds me to always say that joyfully, I would. It’s that familiar sting that tells me to give up on this life, I should.

To take my mind off of my emotional weight, to cleanse me of all this hate. This nightmare never seems to end, forever I am broken with no hope – and this has my been my story ever since it began.

One thought on “One Last Time

  1. Dude,
    I hope you’re doing ok. Some of your poetry is really dark and ominous. You’re still young enough that everything seems like everything. The older you get a lot of things seem like nothing. Much of life is really not that intense or that beautiful or that bad. Most of living takes place right in the middle of all of that. Sometimes it’s OK to take your foot off the gas and just coast for a while. Don’t try to change the world, yourself or anybody in it. Just find one or two things to enjoy in a day and be satisfied that you’re part of a humanity that, by and large, just did the same thing that day. In the words of The Eagles, “Take it Easy”.

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