I have never laid eyes on anything as beautiful as you before. Every time I gaze upon your gorgeous smile – I think of how I should be so lucky to be yours forevermore.

You leave me awestruck in every single way. From your joyful personality to your long dark hair – all I ever want to do is listen to every beautiful word that you say.

I cannot describe the feeling I get every time I stare into your mesmerizing, breathtakingly beautiful dark brown eyes. As they run deeper than outer space, you make me feel like I can fly. Nothing could ever compare to the beauty of you. Not a mountain, not a song – everything from the stars above to the deep ocean blue.

Both inside and out, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. You inspire me each and everyday with your kindness and hard work, when you are away – I feel like an empty mollusk without a pearl.

You are the woman of my dreams. To my heart, you are the forever queen. You don’t even have to try to give me shaky knees. There isn’t anything else I want to be than your knight in shining armor that is there for you whenever you need me. To keep you safe and warm, tell you everything is gonna be alright. Always remind you of how brighter than the sun, you shine. And treat you like the princess you are every single day, and every single night.

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