In a parallel universe, one far from here – everything is perfect, there is anything but fear. A feeling that soothes like aloe vera on a burn, I hope that this dream world can make even the impossible occur.

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t anything for me in this life. But I pray that there is in this nature’s pastime. I always get the gold medal for my one man show, as I sit here and heal my broken heart all alone. So lonely, it is to feel on days like these. Smoke and ash blinds me from seeing what I could be.

The Great Plains lead the way to a brighter destination, this parallel universe must no longer be put on probation. Providing me the warmth of a swaddled infant in a baby sweater, I want to get away – and have ever since I met her. The longest month of the year always seems to be the last. The future looks bright, and the past is the past.

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