One of these things is not like the other, the heartbreak and everyday pain always find a way to make me suffer. Things are darker than they were back then. Pursue every distraction just to find yourself missing everything about them.

You can’t hear my heartbeat, even if you tried to listen. It’s dead and gone as she’s still tugging it – and through my dreams, she glistens. All you can do is keeping moving on, know the pain will soon be gone.

I was drowning in quicksand for you for so long. Lost in an ocean of emotions, as the hurt goes on. You left a scar in my heart like that of a sea serpent’s bite. But time heals, so what’s the point of baring fright?

As I strain to move forward now – I will try everything I can to get rid of this old frown. And grow as a being, from a mustard seed to a tree. Traveling through a corn maze of things to take my mind off of you, but writing these songs helps mend my heart you broke in two.

The shattered little pieces were almost picked up and forgotten of, but time and time again, and every now and then – I am reminded of how it was with us before. Now present day without you, I remember I feel empty and worn. With my heart tired and torn, nothing else really matters anymore.

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