An unfortunate circumstance, it is indeed. This whole year has been a nightmare, filled with so much greed.

The lying man on two minutes hate tries to cheat his way to victory and begs of people to change their ways. But it is long over – the result remains the same.

There is not an easy way out of this one. Bulls-eye, either ending to this year will continue down the road of pain and make us come undone.

A lightning strike to the heart, a night owl on the prowl. Enter the Golden Gate, don’t leave without a howl. It goes on and on and on, who will it be that God sends? Dig yourself deep into the rich soil to find yourself feeling the world is coming to an end. Burning to the ground, spreading nothing but frowns. But I still believe there is hope next year round. There’s reason to believe good will come about. Positivity wins, put this year behind you – and blessings, you must count. Refocus your mind and you will find – all of the good in this world that has been here the whole time.

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