Heartbreak Funeral

There is days I still think about you, even when I do not want to. I moved on so long ago – the day you broke my heart in two. You disappeared like a panther in the darkness out of the blue. And I still think about why you had to abandon me so soon.

We had our moments, you traveled long ways – just to hear me play what you knew I wouldn’t ever say. You left me hanging on and on, you left me high and dry. I stopped loving you so long ago – why is there still days I can’t seem to get you off my mind?

I was lost in a red rock desert for you. But like a timber wolf, you vanished without giving me a single clue. There was a point in time I would have walked through fire for you if it meant you were on the other side. Why, oh why – did you have to me cry? I cannot turn back time – and still, I wait for the day you forever leave my mind. The heartbreak you caused me wasn’t right. It’s a shame you left so soon – you should’ve told me, instead of causing me that pain and strife. For it cut me up like washed up sea glass in the river of demise.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy – the day I finally decided to move on. I was left no choice – for you made it clear you and me would never be alright. As I strain to move forward and forever remove you from my mind – I won’t let the days go by. You were not the one, it wasn’t meant to be. And I will forget about you – but not as easily as you forgot about me.

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