Grand Plan

Sometimes I question whether or not I have a grand plan, or if I’m just going with the flow – seeing what life places in my hand. I do not know what my future holds. It as if there is an iron gate in my way keeping me from discovering what I will become before I grow old.

I have big aspirations and big dreams. Although some days the bricks collapse on me, I know that every day is a new day – much like the waves that crash on the beach from the sea.

A whirlpool occurs in my heart because of my fear of the unknown. I feel like I am lost in a cabin in the woods that is not my home, with all of the doors closed. I may never have a grand plan after all. Like rotting red clay, sometimes I feel I am destined to fall.

Ignore the hate and focus on the love. For the ratio of that spectrum is a miracle from above. A feeling like floating in the skies and the clouds on a warm summer day, the doves fly me in to show me that love and hate are not the same. I shall continue to thrive and see what tomorrow brings. No grand plan needed, and haters be gone – I will sing.

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