Key to Happiness

They say you cannot buy happiness, I believe it is true. Happiness can only be achieved in the little things that you do. A feeling more enjoyable than a homemade key lime pie, I learn the key to happiness is you, my Clementine. Through the looking glass I find my purpose in life is to love and treat you right.

I’d climb across endless rocky mountains if you were on the other side. Just to hold you and listen to whatever bright idea came into your mind. More tasteful than a watermelon, you are the key to happiness, and I’ve come undone.

One thought on “Key to Happiness

  1. You are just awash in love and angst and vitality of thought. It’s all out there before you. All out there for the taking and the losing and the finding again. Take your time on that journey, it’s long and winding. Then of course at the end it will seem but a moment.

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