Beautiful Stranger

You are more beautiful than every single star and constellation in the galaxy. The Northern Lights would dimmer at the sight of you, as your incomparable, captivating, divine beauty sends me down to my knees. No one could hold a candle up to you, for you are beyond extraordinary.

Your stunningly gorgeous golden hair that shines brighter than the sun never fails to leave me awestruck. Getting to stare into your breathtakingly, magnificent, glorious eyes that run as deep as outer space – would make me one of the greatest and most impossible luck. The way your ocean sky blue eyes shine brighter than diamonds every time that I see your marvelous, mesmerizing, holy smile makes me fall for you even harder than imagined possible.

Your laugh is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard, and I will never take for granted of the blessing that is hearing it occur. For it is music to my ears that plays over the most breathtaking smile in the universe.

You are the most beautiful woman to ever live and that will ever exist, I insist. Motivating people to come together for justice in times of desperation – you are such a passionate, driven, caring soul – and you are always my greatest inspiration. May your wonderful and driven spirit that flies higher than the wings of an eagle always play it’s role in your making of a difference.

You are my world, my sky, my moon, my stars, and my sun that guides me home. You are more talented, amazing, and special than you will ever know. You have the best sense of humor, you have a brilliant mind that is one of a kind, and you bare more strength throughout hard times than the fastest imaginable rip tides.

There are not enough words in the world for me to tell you how you are perfect and flawless in every single way. You are a goddess, you are a queen, and I love you more and more everyday.

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