There is truly no one more beautiful than you, no even comes close or compares. Your divine beauty puts all else to shame, there is no comparison, it would be unfair. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, truthfully I declare.

You have the most perfect, stunningly beautiful blue eyes that combine the wonderful mix of the ocean and the sky. I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes that shine so bright, as the sight of your marvelous, long, glorious golden hair makes me loose my mind. It does not shine like the sun, it downright replaces it without question all day and all day night, 365. The very thought of you is a reminder of the good that is in life. On my mind every minute of every day, you bring me happiness and joy all the time. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there for you by your side both day and night.

You are the most kind person I have ever met, as you treat everyone around you with love and respect. Loving towards animals, friends, and family – you are a light in the lives of so many. Please never change who you are, because you are beyond extraordinary. From your amazing work ethic which continues to inspire me to work harder, to your gorgeous smile that makes me knees weak as they begin to shake – there is not a thing about you in need of change. You are perfect and flawless in every single way. You make expressing my feelings easy, when they are usually hard to explain. You are a goddess and a queen, so please do forgive me if I tend to act a little strange. You inspire me, motivate me, and take away the pain. Thank you for being you, every night and every day.

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