Top 10 Saddest Rock Songs

1. Hurt – Johnny Cash.

Album: Unearthed

Released: 2003

Genre: Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real.

What It’s About: Depression. Blunt, and straight to the point about manic depressive disorder. With references of self harm, suicidal thoughts, & drug addiction.

2. Snuff – Slipknot.

Album: All Hope Is Gone

Released: 2008

Genre: Alternative Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: My own was banished long ago, it took the death of hope to let you go.

What It’s About: Being cheated on and left, suffering with a broken heart from the betrayal which is referred to throughout the song. And the unrequited love. It is believed that it is based on the experience of frontman Corey Taylor’s first divorce, and that the song was about his ex wife.

3. Disarm – The Smashing Pumpkins.

Album: Siamese Dream

Released: 1993

Genre: Alternative Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: Disarm you with a smile, and leave you like they left me here. To wither in denial, I bet I’ll miss someone whose left alone. The years burn. The years burn.

What It’s About: Child abuse. Straight up. Lead singer Billy Corgan has openly talked about growing up in a abusive household. His father was a heroin addict who would torcher him. From burning cigarettes out on him, to beating him, to force feeding him, to name calling, & more horrible things. The acoustic ballad was made to be soft on purpose by Corgan, because he told the public he had no feelings of rage whatsoever towards his father and to what he did to him. Just sadness. And the painful song expresses his tender emotions towards him and the situation.

4. Something In The Way – Nirvana.

Album: Nevermind

Released: 1991

Genre: Alternative Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: Underneath the bridge, the tarp has sprung a leak. And the animals I’ve trapped have all become my pets. And I’m living off of grass. And the drippings from the ceiling. But it’s okay to eat fish, ‘cause they don’t have any feelings.

What It’s About: Being homeless. For a short period of time, Kurt Cobain was living under a bridge in Aberdeen. He wrote the song under that bridge one day. When he turned 18, his father kicked him out of the house. He moved in with his mom, but later moved out because his mom’s boyfriend would beat her. And he would’ve rather be homeless than witness that. He became a janitor at his high school, and made enough money to afford a 1 bedroom studio apartment. After all the days of sleeping on the streets, and in hospital waiting rooms.

5. Colorblind – Counting Crows.

Album: This Desert Life

Released: 1999

Genre: Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: I am covered in skin, no one gets to come in. Pull me out from inside. I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding. I am colorblind.

What It’s About: Depersonalization disorder. Lead singer Adam Duritz is a well known long time sufferer of mental illness. From depression, to more serious things such as this – it hasn’t been an easy road for him. Depersonalization disorder is a physiological illness in which someone looses their grip with reality, and the world more often times than not feels like a hallucination. Or a dream. It can be very dangerous and lead to risky behavior, because you think it’s not real. There is treatment, but no cure. Duritz wrote Colorblind while sitting at the piano one day after experiencing an episode.

6. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day.

Album: American Idiot

Released: 2004

Genre: Alternative Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: As my memory rests, but never forgets what I lost – wake me up when September ends. Like my father, it’s come to pass – twenty years has gone so fast. Wake me up when September ends.

What It’s About: Death of father. Billie Joe Armstrong’s dad died of cancer early September of 1980. Armstrong was only 8. After his dad’s funeral, he locked himself in his room crying – telling his mom to come back when September ends. Loss of a parent at such an early age is heavy.

7. Black – Pearl Jam.

Album: Ten

Released: 1991

Genre: Grunge

Most Depressing Lyric: I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life, I know you’ll be a star. In somebody else’s sky. But why, why, why? Why can’t it be, can’t it be me?

What It’s About: Getting your heart shattered. At 15, Eddie Vedder lost his virginity to a girl who skipped town on him after dumping him. Never getting to see her again. Black became the break up anthem due to the lyric above. As the line was based on what actually happened. He didn’t want to shine in anyone else’s sky but hers, but they weren’t meant to be. So she told him that he will have a great beautiful life one day, it just wasn’t going to be with her. And her saying the girl who lands you is lucky. He’s left shattered asking “why can’t I be yours? Why can’t I shine in your sky?”…brutal…the MTV unplugged version gets me every time with the “we belong together….”

8. So Far Away – Avenged Sevenfold.

Album: Nightmare

Released: 2010

Genre: Alternative Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: Lived a life so endlessly, never feared for anything. I tried to heal your broken heart with all that I could. Will you stay? Will you stay away forever? How do I live without the ones I love? Time still turns the pages of the book it’s burnt. Place and time, always on my mind. I have so much to say, but you’re so far away.

What It’s About: Loss of a loved one. A7X’s drummer The Rev overdosed on heroin December of 2009. He was lead singer M Shadows best friend for a long time. It was a lot for him to deal with. He wrote the song about that tragedy, and dedicates the album to him.

9. Echo – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

Album: Echo

Released: 1999

Genre: Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: Well, I woke up right here in a pool of sweat. With a box of pills and you. Yeah, and I’m gonna keep my head. And I’m gonna keep my cool. Oh, I’m so in love with you. There may have been a girl, but there was never a kiss.

What It’s About: Tom Petty’s divorce. Tom Petty’s divorced hit him hard. It brought out so many levels of guilt, pain, and so much more. In this song he sings his heart out. It’s said to be this whole record was about his divorce. He had a kid and was paying child support, and he felt shame because that child wasn’t growing up in a household with two parents who were together. So, he turned to drugs and entered a heavy depression. This song, a reflection on all of that.

10. Sour Girl – Stone Temple Pilots.

Album: No. 4

Released: 1999

Genre: Alternative Rock

Most Depressing Lyric: She turned away, what was she looking at? She was a sour girl the day that she met me. Hey, what are you looking at? She was a happy girl the day that she left me.

What It’s About: Scott Weiland’s divorce. This is notably the only song on the list that’s upbeat. Scott’s divorce completely ruined him. Similar to Petty it was the only woman he had ever been with. And he turned to drugs afterwards due to the guilt of having a kid who was growing up with two parents who weren’t together. His divorce was a bit uglier, as his wife went back and sued him a lot more – and allegedly cheated on him while married. There as Petty just married someone who wasn’t right for him, and was depressed. Never the less, people don’t get married so they can get divorced – so it’s a sucky experience…

Thanks for reading! Was there a song I left out? Comment below!

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