10 Reasons Why Gunther From Friends Is One Of The Greatest Sitcom Characters Ever.

1. He said things nobody else could.

Remember that episode where Phoebe dates that guy who doesn’t wear underpants? Yeah. That was weird.

2. He fell in love with someone he couldn’t have a relationship with.

Gunther was insanely relatable, tbh…

3. He worked at a job he hated for $4 an hour.


4. He was just plain funny.

5. And his crush thought he was gay.

In season 8, episode 6 – he gets Rachel a gift. She calls him sweetie and then says he’ll make some man really happy one day.

6. He’s Charlie Brown.


7. His Acting Dreams Were Crushed. Literally.

In the episode where Joey gets killed off of Days Of Our Lives, Gunther tells him he feels his pain. He was Brice on “All My Children”, and was killed by an avalanche.

8. He hates his job but is always working.

Under appreciated talents. Nobody knew his last name…

9. He pretty much lives on the edge and is ignored by everyone.

To be honest, Gunther was more likable than Joe…

10. He adopted the mean weird cat from Rachel just in hopes of seeing her more often.

The feels. And he never dated anyone else in the entire series, as his love for Rachel was unrequited and never ending.

To conclude…

Gunther. The epitome and very definition of relatable.

Made this cause Friends turns 25 in a few weeks and while everyone else does stuff about the 10 best episodes – I thought this would be more unique.

Any who, have a good day! Thx for reading. Sorry for the inactivity.

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