Celebrating 1 year of “The Book Of Luke”, by renewing my top 10 favorite bands list.

Hey everybody! Today marks the 1 year anniversary day I started this music blog. I can’t thank you guys enough for the support and making these blogs is a lot fun so thanks for reading them.

In honor of the blogs 1 year anniversary, I thought I’d go back to what was actually my first blog – titled “My top ten favorite bands.” Where I just wrote down my top 10 favorite bands and explained why. And today, I thought I’d update it. Enjoy!


This is no surprise to anyone that knows me, but I’m a huge STP fan. Their music has run threw and inspired ever since I discovered my gift for playing guitar. Stone Temple Pilots not only makes amazing music, but despite the fact that they were the most highly criticized grunge group of the time they stood together. They proved rock is about winning medals and all that, it’s about the passion for music. STP was never about being on the cover magazines and getting to date supermodels. They simply just loved making and performing music.


Just as they were last year, Bush holds their place as the 9th greatest band in my opinion! Interestingly enough they are my all time favorite British band. Not just because Gavin Rossdale is an amazing songwriter and I connect with Bush’s lyrics on an emotional level – but also because they composed some of the best music in rock and on top of that are just kind authentic people. Musicians nowadays don’t play like Bush either way.


When I first discovered the band I wasn’t a big fan. I liked them don’t get me wrong, and I thought they were brilliant musicians – but I saw them live and now they are without hesitation one of my all time favorite bands. They are one of the most energized live bands in the history of music, and they are astonishing musicians.


As a Florida boy born and raised, and I can safely say this band has had an impact on me. I’ve been listening to them since I was probably 7 or 8 years old unknowingly. They are definitely one of the Greatest bands not only in rock, but in just music in general.


On top of writing my all time favorite album American Idiot, Green Day inspired me to become a songwriter. I listen to them everyday and despite the crap they get from the critics they still rock like the critics don’t exist. Because they are awesome.

5. U2

U2 was my first ever rock band I ever discovered, and they are also notably my first concert. On top of all the great songs they wrote and how amazing they are at playing and composing music, they are amazing people too. Bono is probably my favorite individual in the music industry.


Need less to say Pearl Jam has to make the top 5. Inventors of grunge and populators of alternative Pearl Jam rightfully holds their place here at 4. Ten, Vitagoly, Vs., are all some of the best albums ever made.


This without question is an absolutely Essential part of this list. Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Counting Crows and Adam Duritz. At a time where Alternative Rock blew up to the masses, the Crows stuck to traditional straight up rock. Thanks to Adam and the band for making music with Heart.


The band that saved rock and roll and invented my favorite music genre unquestionably and undoubtedly has to be at least at 3. Nirvana inspired me to play guitar and their music has influenced me so much. Love this band so much, they will always hold a place in my heart.


I think this doesn’t come as a huge shock to any followers of the blog, but if you’re new yes this is my favorite band. The perfectors Of alternative rock and the band that made me get serious about my music playing. They’ve been my favorite ever since I first listened to their music almost 2 years ago. I make it very clear they’re my favorite band, and when talking to people and music I mention them first.

Well, there you have it. Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for two years. Thanks to all you long time supporters, and just want give a big thanks to all the new followers as well! Thanks again, and please follow for weekly posts. See ya this Sunday!

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