MonthlyMusicMovieReview #3 – “This Is Spinal Tap”

Hello everybody! Welcome to the third edition of MonthlyMusicMovieReview. In this series I write a short review for music movies and post them on the blog, and today I’m looking at what is definitely one of my all time favorite movies – This Is Spinal Tap.

Now, this movie is not only one of my favorite music movies – but generally one of my favorite films ever made. And loosely based on the fact that is infinitely quotable and it is hilarious!

This Is Spinal Tap is a fake rockumentary about a fake band called “Spinal Tap”. They are an 80’s hair metal band, and essentially they just took a bunch of 80’s stereotypical hair bands and put them into one blowing it up to the max.

The film is under 90 minutes long, and you’ll laugh the whole time. With likable characters, and fun not being able to find your way around the arenas – you’ll fall in love with this movie.

Especially if you are a guitarist you could relate to the beloved Nigel – who doesn’t like his guitars being touched and likes to turn up the amps to “11.” One of the single greatest movies scenes of all time is featured in this movie with Nigel in his guitar room. It was pretty dang funny.

Any how, thank you guys for reading today’s blog. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you all soon! Check out Spinal Tap, and keep on rockin!

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