Is Michael Dorman REALLY the one to blame for the death of Patriot?!

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I just wanted to let you know, today’s blog post will be a little different.

I know it’s a music blog, but on random occasions I blog about other things I love too. Like television, for example.

Recently I found a show on amazon by the name of “Patriot”, and the two seasoned phenomenal prime original that I watched from start to finish…had announced it will not come back…

Apparently the star of the show Michael Dorman had announced that he was going to collaborate with Apple on a new television series about space or whatever.

When I first got the news there wouldn’t be a season three, I was pretty mad. Mainly mad at Michael Dorman for him being the one who ended it.

But then I got to some deeper thinking, and I researched more about the topic to find out – it wasn’t his fault at all the show is ending.

Apparently, after season 2 was filmed and released – the show Patriot had claimed they would be taking a brief 16 month break to write new material.

16 months, brief?!

And because Michael Dorman was no longer getting paid he needed anther acting job to provide for his family. And it’s not his fault at all!

These actors/actresses don’t get paid a lot for making this show. Which is no surprise, because no one has ever heard of it and their Instagram page only has a thousand followers.

And on top of them not getting paid very much, there are no royalties. Meaning, after you paid for the show – that’s it. Since it is only available on amazon and cable can’t replay it on multiple channels – the only royalties they get are when someone buys a season. And the royalties they do make a few cents, because a season all together cost $20 and most all of that money goes to amazon’s creator Jeff Beesoz.

I feel bad for being so hard on Michael Dorman. He’s just a New Zealand kid trying to provide for his family, and in this lesson I learned to read more into things before judging. Because clearly this was the show’s fault. 16 months without money is much too long.

The show may not be officially over I guess, as they could bring it back if they made enough money and could work around Michael Dorman’s schedule better – but there’s a 99.9% chance that won’t happen. Even if you told everyone you knew about the show.

Why? Because, prime originals for one never last long and the show will never make it to the mainstream section of amazon like Jack Ryan did – because it’s to original and nobody has ever heard of these amazing cast members because everyone is watching crummy cable shows. Amazon and Netflix is where all the great writers are, because on cable people don’t make shows like “Friends” or “Sleepy Hollow” anymore.

That’s right John. It’s not you we are mad, we’re mad at the owners of the show.

Any how, I appreciate all of you reading. And do watch Patriot because it is a genius and hilarious show – but I will worn once you finish you will more than likely be disappointed knowing it won’t come back. Or, you’ll just enjoy the 19 or so episodes and have time of your life.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog!

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A little bit about the show:

A CIA intelligence officer goes undercover with a pipe company to Lexoumbourg, and complications stir. With folk music, laughs, and much more.

Didn’t want to give you the whole plot, ya know?

Patriot Trailer –

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