Lindsay Buckingham calls new Fleetwood Mac line-up a “cover band”, and he’s not wrong!

A few months ago, Fleetwood Mac let their legendary guitarist, co-lead singer, principle musical composer, & primary songwriter Lindsay Buckingham go to replace him with the guy from Crowded House and Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers.

If you know me, you probably know how much I love Fleetwood Mac and what a big influence Lindsey Buckingham has on my guitar playing, and despite Fleetwood getting rid of one of my idols I can’t hate them. However, without Lindsey it isn’t even Fleetwood Mac – I could that!

Recently in an interview Lindsey was asked about the new line up and he said it was basically a “cover band”, and he %100 correct!

Without your lead guitarist, singer, songwriter, & composer – you don’t have your band. Campbell and the Crowded house guy both are clearly talented, but it’s not the same sound or band without Lindsey.

It’s real unfortunate that this had to happen, and I side with Lindsay 100%. Stevie Nicks kicked him out, when Lindsay was the one her made her famous in the first place.

See, when Fleetwood Mac said they wanted Lindsay Buckingham to join – he said only if you take my girlfriend – which was Stevie Nicks. Years later they mutually decide to split up and are still friends – than even more years later Nicks becomes jealous I guess and tells the band “he goes or I go.”

My best guess is this all started because while after their split up, Lindsey got married and had a family – while Nicks lives alone all by herself in Arizona. He lived and still does today live the good life. A beautiful loving younger wife, a family – he’s living it up in LA! My best guess is Stevie got jealous of all that and kicked him out. Like she went crazy.

Nicks clearly is very talented, and I use to think she was cool – but after all this crap she started I think she’s just anther talented jerk.

Not cool of Mick Fleetwood either to not stick up for Lindsey, but whatever if Lindsay forgave him then I can too.

I’m not even really upset with Campbell, I love Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and he’s an amazing guitarist who has been friends with Fleetwood Mac for years. He took the job for that reason and the fact that he probably misses playing music. And frankly, who wouldn’t?!

But just because he is an incredibly talented guitarist, doesn’t mean he fits in the band.

Anyways, I guess that’s all I have to say. Thank you so much for reading. Please follow for weekly posts. And as always – I’ll see you next Sunday!

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Also – Lindsey is so awesome they needed 2 people to replace him haha 😆

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