The Rise and Fall of The Clash (Film Review)

Recently I watched a great Rock doc about The Clash with my father – “The Rise and Fall Of The Clash.”

The Clash is definitely one of my favorite bands and because of this I deeply enjoyed the documentary. I always love to look deeper and find out new things about bands I love. Featuring original members from the Clash, authors, actors and actresses, and other musicians to put on their input and put what they about the Clash out there. It was a really great documentary, that I recccomend highly for all fans of punk music.

It consists of exclusive concert cuts of the band, interviews, and non-stop back to back interesting facts about one of thee most influential and cherished bands of all time.

I really do think you should check it out. You learn a lot. You laugh, you cry, you get the best of everything – and it is safe to say that this has moved up on the list for my favorite rock documentaries.

Check it out! On amazon I think…

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