Janet Jackson has now been inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame.

This is one of thee most stupidest things I have ever seen. Janet Jackson, pop star of the Jackson 5, is inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame and all I have to say about this is: it’s time to change the name Rock Hall Of Fame because now that Janet and Michael Jackson are in there (and they are the FURTHEST thing from rock) it’s time we change it something else.

Full story is that Rock Hall Of Fame induction 2018 is expecting Radiohead, Janet Jackson, Def Leppard, and others and I guess my main point is that it is disgusting how mistreated and abused rock music is. I walk around nowadays and people are like Oprah saying “YOU can be rock, and YOU can be rock!” When that is simply not true. Not everyone can be rock. And that goes for Janet Jackson.

Now, I’m not dissing out on Janet Jackson or anything. She’s a talented singer, but she is not rock, which therefore means she should not be in the rock hall of fame.

Not everyone can be rock. Not everyone can have passion like a rock star. Or have songwriting compassion and abilities like a rock star. The rock hall of fame evidently does not understand that. It should have been someone like The Smashing Pumpkins, or Counting Crows to be inducted in, not Janet Jackson. That’s exactly why nowadays being inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame goes against many things I believe in. It’s anti a lot of things, and particularly anti-rock.

Not everyone can be rock and that is why the Rock Hall Of Fame is basically an unfunny joke. There are some great bands in there, and there are not horrible bands in there, and there are even non-rock artists in there. It’s time for a rename. Once it is renamed it can officially go back to being an honorable thing to be inducted to.

To wrap up, I think that rock needs to be saved. It’s gotten so bad we inducted anther pop star. Rock is worth saving. It is pretty much the only genre that can describe the light side and dark side of human behavior that has been the way it’s been for 200 years.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone. Or Happy Hanukkah or whatever it is you celebrate.

See ya next week! And if I don’t see you next week…I’m gonna send Janet Jackson after you!

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