“Baby It’s Cold Outside”, has just been banned from a Cleveland Radio Station.

The Christmas classic, and formerly adored duet “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – has just been banned from a radio station in Cleveland.

You heard me right. Things have gotten so unbelievably bad in 2018, that people are now banning this song that is about a husband and wife away from radio stations.

Now, to start – I have no idea what radio station this is. But I have heard that this Christmas song was recently banned from this unknown Anonymous local radio station in the Ohio, and that there was a huge social media argument over it and now it’s been banned from a few others up north as well. Crazy, right?

For the record, this is a music blog and all but putting the music aside for just a moment I’d like to talk about what’s wrong with this whole situation.

For starters, this is a loved Christmas classic that was in Elf. Go ahead and watch that movie and tell me it offends you.

See, everyone nowadays gets so offended by every little thing it’s stupid. They get so unbelievably triggered by the smallest of things. And surprisingly this is not the stupidest of them.

A college in Oregon recently stated that they will no longer be calling their Freshmen, “Freshmen” – because not all of them are men. Instead, they are calling them “Freshmores”. If we continue down this path, we shall become – “Humorons”.

It’s gonna be increasingly hard for Brian Vandar Ark of the Verve Pipe obviously, considering his biggest song his named after Freshmen!

Okay, back to Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Just for the record, if I hadn’t made it clear already I think this is a great song. It’s warm, tender, Christmasy, romantic, and there’s literally nothing offensive about it. The point I’m trying to make about it is why are people so offended by it? And why just now all of the sudden? It has been a song for a really long time now and it’s been done by many famous artists. Such as Seth MacFarlane, and Frank Sinatra, and Rachel MacFarlane, and well…. Will Ferrell…

People have loved this song for years and I just think it’s odd how all of the sudden of nowhere people have twisted it to be a notorious, deceitful, and evil it is.

And I’m sure if you asked some of the people that say these things about it, they wouldn’t know why they are offended.

Sometimes I feel like people are just offended by everything because they think it’s cool and trendy to be that way.

Out of all the chaos going on in the world, you’d think people would have the brains to be more offended by stuff like spontaneous murders and Janet Jackson being inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame.

(But that’s a different story for a different time…like next week…)

All I’m saying is, that ever since I’ve heard about this story I’ve been reminded about how awful things have truly gotten in the world.

To wrap this up, while it may be a rough and odd situation, there is some good that came about this – all the memes.

Have a merry Christmas everyone. May you be safe and spend time with family.

3 thoughts on ““Baby It’s Cold Outside”, has just been banned from a Cleveland Radio Station.

  1. Thanks for writing this, as I needed a good laugh today! You are absolutely correct about things having gotten out of hand with people being offended by everything. What ever happened to “coexistence”… guess they can take those bumper stickers off… I love this song and always have. It’s between a married couple who are allowed to flirt with each other, not strangers. It’s such a cute song and a great tune and I love all the versions I have heard. The fact that it offends people offends me lol. MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🎄🎁

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