Lindsay Buckingham is now suing Fleetwood Mac, and I side with him.

If you are not up to date on it, Fleetwood Mac is one of my all time favorite bands. And I’ve recently found out discouraging news about Lindsay Buckingham being fired from the band. Apparently Stevie Nicks told them “he goes or I go”.

Regarded, Stevie and Lindsay alike are needed in the band – however that being said that means firing Lindsay isn’t cool.

I’ve written a past blog on the subject of him being fired and him starting a solo tour just a couple days after Fleetwood’s kicks off, but today’s blog is loosely based on the troubling recent news that Lindsay Buckingham is SUING Fleetwood Mac, and about why him doing so is not unreasonable.

To start, the reason Lindsay Buckingham is suing Fleetwood Mac is because they promised to pay him when the tour was over. (As it was apart of his oral agreement)

After saying that he would not be receiving the money, and that the contract had no longer been a contract to Stevie and the rest of the band he sued. Naturally. You can’t just promise people money and have them sign a contract, just to go behind their back. That’s illegal. So it’s safe to say that Stevie Nicks has gone full on crazy. As talented as she may be, what she is doing is completely insane. My father had a past boss who did the exact same thing to him. It’s just flat out crazy.

Even though she may have gone insane, Fleetwood Mac is a band that I will always love and treasure and I can safely say I side with Lindsay. You can’t just remove such a soul part of the band. He sang co-lead vocals for the band’s biggest songs, he wrote the legendary guitar solos and riffs we all recognize and love, and to top it off he also composed the majority of the band’s music. This is a classic Pink Floyd situation happening all over again. Only appose to the other members sticking up for Lindsay who is the David Gilmour of the situation, they side with the Roger Waters whom is Stevie Nicks.

From an honest standpoint, if the other members had joined Lindsay you’d have a better chance of still being Fleetwood Mac rather than with Stevie. Don’t get me wrong, Stevie Nicks is a rock legend who is also a crazy talented singer, songwriter, performer, and many other things – but Lindsay in the end is probably more valued.

To wrap it up, I think that Lindsay Buckingham is the innocent victim of the situation and if I was in his position – then I would sue as well. He did nothing wrong.

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