The Loop Station:A brilliant invention misused.

Hey guys. Normally I post every Sunday, but I’m going to be out of town on Thanksgiving vacation Sunday, soooo instead I’m blogging today!

So start, this blog is in NO way hate to the loop station, nor people who use them. Because I love my loop station, and I use it frequently. And the right way.

See, I love live music. Absolutely love to go to concerts and go out to dinner to see a musician or band. And one thing that is coming to my attention as we do this is a lot of guitarists are using – loop stations.

First off, nothing wrong with that. I really don’t use it much while performing, as the purpose of it is to jam over a backing track – and while live I’m just singing and playing songs. It is really useful when you need to play a guitar solo, but also need chords in the background. Great use for live performances. But that’s how they are being used.

See, the more I go out the more I notice the brilliant loop station is being horribly misused. Instead of it being used to record chords and play a solo, it’s used for guitar players to record chords then just sit there and sing with the instrument untouched and strapped over their shoulder.

The reasons this upsets me so much is because as a hard working guitar player and singer seeing people slack off so hard is just ridiculous. Singing and playing is a super important skill to have, especially if you want to write music. Can’t rely on your looper forever.

They just stop playing. Now, I love my loop station – but even when in use I am still playing my instrument. I play it at ALL times. Even and especially when the looper is on. The purpose of it is to help you perform, not perform for you. I use it as it is supposed to be used – record the chords than play a solo.

To wrap this up, that’s all I really needed to say. Pros are it’s helps perform and gives you a whole other guitarist, cons are people take advantage of that and slack off. The way people use it these days is so dumb. They are like karaoke singers who have a guitar strapped around them.

Any how, thank you so much for reading. If you are a follower of this blog, I appreciate you greatly and can’t thank you enough for your support. If you are new – follow for weekly posts about music, music news, instrument/album reviews, and many more music related fun.

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