My Review For Diamondhead Ukuleles

Hey guys! A few months ago me and my friend Chris jammed, and he brought his ukulele given to him by his brother a few years ago, and left it untouched for about 3 years. I taught him how to play it, and used his a little and loved it! The frets are bigger than Luna’s which make it easier for some one with bag hands such as me to play it. It’s slick, but not slick to a point where it’s bothersome and you slide all over the place. Their great Uke’s. My only complaint is about the fretboard, it picks up way to much dust and feels like it’s about to crack if you playing it to long. They don’t take guitar capos as well as Luna’s either, because they get out of tune easily. In my opinion that’s how I felt about this ukulele brand, tell me in the commentary section below what you think of diamond heads!

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