Stone Temple Pilots decisions lately have slightly disappointed me.

Stone Temple Pilots is one of my all time favorite bands. Their music has inspired me so much, and I am a huge fan.

However, STP’s decisions lately have been disappointing me.

My cousin got tickets for the Revolution 3 tour.

If you don’t know what that is let me back up a few steps…

The Revolution 3 Tour is a tour that headlines three rock artists. The Cult, Bush, & Stone Temple Pilots.

I tired to get those tickets, but with my luck it didn’t happen.

Anyways, back to STP. STP’s original singer Scott Weiland died years ago. Scott is missed always and to be quite honest with you STP isn’t STP without him.

Scott’s voice was a voice of a generation. You can’t replace him. He was one of the greatest singers of all time. That’s irreplaceable.

However, they have tried to replace him with Jeff Gutt. Jeff is STP’s new singer and he fronts them now, leading the Rev Three tour.

To back up a few paces, let me say Jeff is actually very talented. I don’t have anything against him at all.

However, he is not Scott. Don’t make fool comparisons.

What’s a real shame about Jeff is his talent is going to waste.

What I think STP should do is start a new project with Jeff. Because in all seriousness, Stone Temple Pilots without Scott isn’t Stone Temple Pilots.

Apart of me doesn’t want to see one of my all time favorite bands go, but anther part of me is saying that their already gone.

Keep in mind, this is like my 4th or 5th blog on this subject. And pretty much every blog has come to the same ending.

That ending being that I am really really sad one of my favorite bands has died, but I am even more upset that one of my all time favorite bands is trying to replace a legend.

STP is forever in my heart, and just because the decision their making upsets me doesn’t mean I love them any less.

STP is top 10 greatest rock bands of all time without a doubt, and we all make mistakes.

I guess my point is that they should start a new group with Jeff. Because the choice their making is not only disrespectful to Scott, but also disrespectful to Jeff. 

I guess STP should do what Dave Grohl did when Kurt Cobain died. Start a new group.

It’s sad to see them go, but their music will live forever just as Nirvana has. 

Rest In Peace to Scott Weiland and Stone Temple Pilots.

Your music is loved and cherished. Forever in our hearts and in our cars. 


Thanks for reading.

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