Top 5 Best Dog Breeds To Adopt For Protection

Hey guys, it’s Luke 🙂

My blog is strictly about music to those who are new, but every now and then I blog about different things I like. For example – animals!

My family and I are moving into a non-gated neighborhood, and talking about getting a protection dog has been brought up a lot.

So I did some research, and I conducted my hypothesis for what the top 5 best dog breeds for protection are – and I wanted to help out others looking for a protection dog. So if you are looking for one, I hope this blog helps! That’s what it’s for 🙂

5. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are a breed of domesticated dogs from Germany, known well for their intelligence and massive size.

Their intelligence and their stamina make great for protection, and the dog in the little known movie “Ferris Buleur” was a Rottweiler. You know? The one that beat up the principle.

Any ways, many of those who are old and cannot defend there selves well anymore – are known for getting Rottweilers. Rottweilers are huge dogs that will scare away enemies before they need to attack.

To top it off, they are sweethearts when it comes to their masters and friends of their masters.

So you get protection, and a great companion!

4. Dobbermann

Dobbermann’s, very similar to Rottweilers – are intelligent and strong. They are faster than Rottweilers, due to them being more lean. They also have more endurance. Dobbermann’s have always been rated one of the best dogs for protection. They are great with kids, other animals, & are very very strong. You may see these dogs working on the police force, or perhaps on a farm – because they are also great work dogs. Due to their stability, they make excellent friends yet at the same time amazing guards.

3. Dalmatian

Dalmatian dogs are a domesticated breed of dogs, known for their energy and protective instincts. Dalmatians were on the fire fighting force for centuries, due to this. They are hyper active, and any enemy who comes in the way will be sorry. Fast, strong, & smart. However, if you have children or perhaps other pets – it is best to get the other dogs I mentioned before. Dalmatians are slightly stronger and slightly smarter than the last dogs listed, which all really means they make up for slightly better protection. Considering this fact, there is one flaw – and that is that they are incredibly difficult to train.

2. Great Dane

Great dane’s are a domesticated dog breed, known for their great size – hence the name. They are the largest of all domesticated dog breeds and also one of the most clever. Despite this, like Dalmatians it takes a lot to train. However, once the Great Dane is trained it is practically the best protection dog of all time. Massive, protective, & clever all at once.

1. German Shepard

When talking about protection dogs, it’s hard not to think of German Shepards. They are the smartest of all domesticated dog breeds, with the intelligence rate being much higher than the first 4 dogs listed. They are known to work on the police force because of this, and their intense strength. Due to both strength and smarts, they easily tell which person is an enemy and which isn’t. To top it off, they are much much easier to train then the other 4 listed. Because of their brains, of course. They are great with kids and animals, however because of them having so much skill they are insanely expensive. This doesn’t change the stats of them being the best service dogs of all time. But if you live in the ghetto or something, these dogs would be a good consideration. Even if you don’t, it’s highly considered. They are loving, yet intelligent enough to know who’s a friend and who isn’t. They are typically much better at reading emotions than humans, which also tells you who is fake and who isn’t.

Thanks for reading! If you’re looking for a protection dog, go to the shelter today and ask for one of these breeds!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Dog Breeds To Adopt For Protection

  1. Hi Luke, I love dogs and I really enjoyed your article about choosing a protection dog. In the past, we’ve had several German Shepherds. We’ve also had a wonderful Golden Retriever/Doberman/Shepherd mix and then a Black Lab/Rottweiler mix. All of these were wonderful protection dogs as well as loving, faithful, family pets. We wish you the best as your family chooses the right dog for protection and companionship.

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