Neil Young marries Daryl Hannah.

One of the biggest stories in rock at the moment – Canadian rock star Neil Young marries Daryl Hannah.

If I haven’t made my self clear, let me say that I am a huge Neil Young fan. I love the guy. One of my all time favorite solo acts, singers, songwriters, guitarists, and all around people.

And today this blog is on the subject matter of him marrying Daryl Hannah – and my thoughts about what the media says about.

First off – the media are idiots. Their main thought on this whole thing is that it’s “disgusting”, “unesscary”, “stupid”…

And yes, those were all pulled out from different blogs….

Any how, I personally disagree. I think it’s sweet that Neil finally found the love of his life. What the media doesn’t understand is that some people find love later than others. It’s no secret that these two are clearly in love, and who should stop it?

And second off – even if they weren’t and she was a total crazy lady or whatever, why is it your business?

I’m honestly shocked people are actually reading this right now, because how does this affect your life? It doesn’t.

You shouldn’t care about this, and the odds are you probably don’t. That’s just another thing the media doesn’t understand.

In conclusion, my thoughts are it’s sweet and cute that Neil found his girl and they don’t care about what the media thinks. As they shouldn’t.

And my message to the media – back off! This is Neil’s personal life, not yours. It’s not you to criticize and and stalk the relationship. Leave him alone.

Thanks for reading.

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