Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog (review)

The rock music world still mourns the death of Layne Staley, but Alice In Chains moved forward from his death with William Duvall joining Jerry Cantrell.

They have just released a new album, and it’s honestly pretty alright. The album’s sound kicks back to the darker side of Alice In Chains such as the “Dirt” era. Songs like “So Far Under”, and “The One You Know”, take you back and resemble songs such as “Down In A Hole”, or the massive blockbuster hit “Man In The Box”.

The album is quite honestly incredible, because it’s really just like a continuation of Dirt – but with a different singer.

Of course, Dirt will always holds its place in my heart, as well Layne Staley – but just because you loose someone doesn’t mean you have to stop playing.

There’s two things to do when in grief – accept, grieve, move forward, and then do something positive about it – or just grieve forever.

Like Alice In Chains or not, it really honestly deserves a listen. It’s a great alt-rock anthem combining music from the 90’s that we all remember and love. It really just takes you back to special times and places.

From namesake song “Rainer Fog”, to the hit single “The One You Know”, you immediately are invited to a pleasure train of great music and love to Jerry’s guitar riffs along side William Duvall’s husky vocals. Not to mention Mike Inez slapping his bass like a maniac, and Sean Kinney’s insane drum fills.

To conclude, it’s just a great record. Please go out and support this record, as Alice is one of my favorite groups. Jerry Cantrell is one of the best songwriters of generation x hands down, and hate Duvall or love Duvall – I recommend a listen.

Thank you for reading.

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