My Letter and Word Of Advice To Stone Temple Pilots.

Stone Temple Pilots – is of course one of my favorite bands.

Scott Weiland has been dead for nearly three years and all I have to say is it’s tragic.

They have “replaced” him with Jeff Gutt.

To sum up their new album without Scott – it’s basically just okay. It’s not that it’s bad – it’s just that it’s not STP without Scott.

Just like how Nirvana isn’t Nirvana without Kurt Cobain. Instead of trying to “replace” a voice of a generation, they should’ve just started anther band.

Of course it’s sad to see em go. One of my favorite bands breaking up is of course sad to see. However, it has to happen. STP isn’t STP without Scott. You can’t replace a voice of a generation. It’s just impossible to beat the greatness of Stone Temple Pilots with Scott. The sad reality of it. If STP sees this, please know Jeff is very talented. But I don’t think you should continue STP without Scott. Start something new with Jeff! Like Dave started the Foo Fighters when Kurt died.

To conclude – after many blogs about this topic…I’ve finally come to the answer that they should probably break up and form a new band. The question tortured me for a while. I didn’t want to see them go, but then again – it’s just not the same without Scott.

Thank you guys for reading. Comment what you think STP should do.

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