Rich Robinson claims he “doesn’t have a brother”. (The Black Crowes feud)

If you haven’t heard about it already, the Robinson brothers have started a pretty huge fued. And I think I’ve got some ideas why…

Ok, let me be the first to say – I’m a huge fan of The Black Crowes. Their music has run through me for quite a while. And that’s the reason I’m blogging about this obviously…

But anyway, back to the the fued! Main reason is because of religion. At least that’s what I think.

Chris and Rich both grew up catholic, as adults they switched to just non-denominational followers of Christ.

However when Chris went through his awful divorce with Kate Hudson, he lost faith and denied God. Then, he became an atheist. After becoming an atheist, and talking about it a good deal around Rich, – Rich asked him to stop. Chris of course said no. And at this point it was clear he just wanted to make money. Rich had still been a Jesus freak the whole time Chris went through all this. Still is now.

And you know how they say you’re mind isn’t clear when you’re upset? Well these kinda clouds came over Rich in an interview…because at one point he said “I don’t have a brother”. And that “Chris in the end only cared about the money.”

I side with Rich. Chris became a different person when that divorce happened.

Maybe Rich said that because they are no longer brothers in faith. As an active Jesus follower, if my brother had denied Christ – we would indeed not be brothers in Christ anymore.

To be honest, this whole situation saddens me to the core. Why? Because I love The Black Crowes. And now that this happened – there will be no reunions, and a whole generation is going to miss out on their greatness. And instead of being the Legends they were becoming, Chris became selfish and quite out on them.

To conclude, I’m very sad this happened. And I definitely side with Rich. He just wanted to keep making music with his brother and family. And Chris just wanted money.

Thank you guys for reading.

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