Dave Matthews Band – Come Tomorrow (album review)

If you don’t know already, let me clarify that I am a huge Dave Mathews fan. Arguably the greatest jam band of all time, they hold their rightful place in my top ten favorites!

And recently – they released their studio album “Come Tomorrow”. People have been requesting for this blog, so I thought I’d give it a shot!

First things first is a lot of people like to poop on this record. I on the anther hand, think it’s pretty brilliant.

While sure, DMB’s old stuff is flat out incredible – my favorite song by them at the moment is the highlighted song off this album “Samurai Cop”.

Samurai Cop is hated on by the fanbase for numerous reasons, but the main one is just because it’s different. In my opinion, it’s a really great and beautiful song.

Considering that, it really bumps this album up a few notches.

Next song that was pretty great was “That Girl Is You”. This one is hated on even more than Samurai Cop, and what’s funny is Dave is extremely proud of it. He claimed in an interview – “I don’t think we can top this. It’s gotta be our best work!”

I think Dave got a little crazy with the vocals in this one, and that’s probably only because he loves it so much. Which is awesome!

Every other track is pretty good to be honest, and returns back to the retro DMB style. Matching up with songs such as “Satellite”, and “Crash Into Me”.

As much as people like to hate on this record, I think it’s very good – and I think whether or not you like this band or not, you should give it a listen.

It’s slightly different though, as Dave brings in a keyboardist for the first time in years. Not to mention that Stefan’s bass lines have been less crazy and more simple. And for the most part – Dave plays an electric guitar. Which really effects the whole band’s sound – because he rarely ever puts down the acoustic.

But even so, it’s a really great record. And it proves that different can be good!

Anyways, thank you guys for reading. I really appreciate you checking out this review, and please do follow the blog for weekly doses of music!

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