Joe Bonamasa:”Pedal Users Are F*cking Lazy”

Joe Bonamasa: “Pedal Users Are @/;?& Lazy”

Recently in an interview, blues guitar legend Joe Bonamasa made a statement that is offending guitarists across America…

“Pedal users are f*cking lazy.”

Let me be the first to say that Joe Bonamasa is a brilliant musician, and I can assure you right now that this was taken out of context. Joe himself uses pedals.

Now if you are a guitar newbie, I’ll briefly explain what a Pedal is…

Just a square object that you plug in an amp for some effects.

And I know for a fact that Joe doesn’t think we’re lazy. What he actually means is that there’s a lot of guitarists who are lazy and don’t want to practice – they sound bad and use effects to make up for their lack of ability to shred and work hard. And I agree with Joe %100. I see it all time. If I took away all their effects – they wouldn’t be able to play. Joe’s right on that.

To conclude, Joe didn’t mean what everybody thinks he said. He made a factual statement about the fact that there are a lot of lazybones who need pedals to play. He’s right. And like most things, this was just taken out of context.

Thanks for reading guys!

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