Rest In Peace, Stone Temple Pilots.

A while ago I wrote a review for the new STP single “Meadow”. If you haven’t heard it yet I’ll just give you a brief summary –

It was a just a grade above mediocrity, which is NOT Stone Temple Pilots. Scott is the only voice for them.

Guys, I love Stone Temple Pilots. But now that Scott is gone, the band is too. It’s never going to be the same. Never going to go back to normal. Part of me doesn’t want one of my favorite bands ever to break up, but anther part of me is saying that the new singer and the rest of the band could make a new good band.

Like with Foo Fighters. When Nirvana died, Dave Grohl started them! And they weren’t as good as Nirvana, but they are good. And I’d hate for Jeff Gutt’s talent go to waste, because he’s actually not bad. Regarded, he’s not Scott. We love Scott, and he was incredible – don’t make fool comparisons between good and amazing.

My point is – the band doesn’t need to stop playing music because they lost Scott. But they do need to quite being “Stone Temple Pilots”. Because after the new album it’s clear – the band has already broken up. It’s not Stone Temple Pilots anymore. It’s Jeff Gutt and the original members. It’s not the same. And it sucks because this is one of my FAVORITE BANDS EVER!

I’m so aggravated at drugs for doing this to Scott and killing the world of a great man. Drugs stopped us from hearing more of his music, and I’m upset all the time about it. Because it’s not just Scott that got lost in drugs…

The list goes on. Countless, insanely talented musicians we love have been taken from us because of drugs. And it fricking drives the crap out of me.

Scott is missed every day, and it’s taken a lot to see him and the band go. I love you Scott, and I’ll still always love Stone Temple Pilots. Their music will be forever cherished.

Rest In Peace💔, 1967-2015 😢

What do you guys think STP should do?

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Stone Temple Pilots.

  1. It is so very sad all of the lives lost and talent stolen by drugs that consume people. I love stp and Scott and he is so missed. Before I commented I wanted to listen to the new album which I’m doing now. I kind of like it. Some tracks are heavy on guitar and drums (Guilty and Six Eight and Just a Little Lie), then there are a couple that I really like that are softer (Thought She’d Be Mine and The Art of Letting Go). Ending with The Finest Hour is perfect. I agree Jeff’s voice is different, no one can replace Scott. But I kind of like this album and I believe it will grow on me. Maybe a name change would be appropriate. But whatever they decide to do I hope they keep making music. It’ll always be a bit of nostalgia for me, GenX. Rip Scott.

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