10 Rock Stars That Have Never Done Drugs

The other day I was talking to this guy about the new Alice In Chains single, which I have written a review for… And I asked him if he had heard about it and he responded in a sarcastic and slightly harmful joke about how surprised he is that they are all still “alive”. First off, guitarist of the band Jerry Cantrell hasn’t touched a drug before, nor has bassist Mike Inez, or even drummer Sean Kinney. Only two members of the band have ever done drugs, so I have no idea why he said that. Rude and uncalled for. But then he got me thinking about the common question amongst people all over – “Do you need to do drugs in order to be a rock star?” And the answer is clearly no, even though anther guy walked behind me and said “all the musicians in that era did drugs.” Which isn’t true obviously. Because I just listed grunge musicians that haven’t touched drugs before in their life, so it’s just not a very cool thing to say because only some of them did drugs. Any ways, today’s list is just 10 great rockers that haven’t ever, and currently do not do drugs.

10. Billy Corgan

Ironically a 90’s alt rocker. I just decided to start the list off with him because #1 The Smashing Pumpkins are my favorite band, and #2 because this person couldn’t be more wrong about saying “all 90’s alt rockers do and did drugs.” Corgan hasn’t even been near drugs in his whole career, and before his career. So not a nice thing to say, at all. Not to mention it being false.

9. Bono

One of the reasons he hasn’t done drugs is because he’s a Christian. It’s against me and his religion to do so. Not judging, because doing drugs does not necessarily make you a bad person. Their only hurting themselves for the most part. But yeah, Bono is anther great rocker who hasn’t ever touched a drug.

8. Dave Grohl

Anther grunge guy to prove you wrong is Dave Grohl. Known as the drummer for commercially successful rock band Nirvana, he also fronts one of the most popular acts of the 90’s Foo Fighters. Despite him hanging around a drug addict all the time (that being Kurt Cobain), he has never done drugs.

7. Jerry Cantrell

Like Dave Grohl, Jerry Cantrell Of Alice In Chains was surrounded by a drug addict. But he has never partaken in drugs himself. Love them or loathe them, not all of them have done drugs.

6. Dean DeLeo

Yet anther grunge star who hasn’t done drugs. Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, is a huge success in guitar and grunge, and unlike the frontman of the band Scott Weiland (who is missed every day), he has not done drugs.

5. Sean Kinney

Sean Kinney, anther rocker has never done drugs. Funny, he’s a member of Alice In Chains that hasn’t done drugs. Well…it’s not that funny. Just because two members of a band have done drugs before, it doesn’t mean that everyone in the era has.

4. Robert DeLeo

Younger brother of Dean DeLeo and bassist for Stone Temple Pilots. Robert has never done drugs. As they asked him and he said “It’s just a waste of time that will slowly kill you inside and out.” Right on. 100% truth.

3. Anthony Kiedis

Despite the fictional rumors you have heard, Anthony Kiedis has never done drugs. Just Flea and John Frusciante. Sure, Anthony doesn’t look great anymore but it isn’t from drugs. Just from eating more and working out less. Huge fan of his music!

2. Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson (of one of my favorite bands ever The Black Crowes), also hasn’t touched a drug. Raised catholic, now atheist he doesn’t do them and never has. As he said “Any thing that takes me out of my normal state of mind freaks me out.”

1. Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale of Bush has never done drugs. He said that he loves music and playing tennis to much to do so.

There you have it. Not all rockers do drugs. And this was just 10. There’s MUCH MORE.

Rich Robinson

Mike Campbell

Larry Mullen Jr.

Chad Smith

The Edge

David Bryson

Adam Clayton

Mike Inez

Eric Kretz

David Immergluck

Taylor Hawkins

Pat Smear

Paul McCartney

Dave Matthews

Dan Vickery

I could be here all day! My point is that, despite what you may have been told – drugs don’t make music better or worse. Because these are all great rockers that haven’t ever touched a drug. Thank you guys for reading. Subscribe to my YouTube channel “Luke Giese Music & More”, for lots of fun, and also of course on Instagram @savingrockmusic. Have a blessed day!


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