Every Alice In Chains Album Ranked From Best To Worst

In the spirit of talking about the new Alice In Chains single a week ago, I decided to take a look at all their albums. A guy asked me on Instagram about “What the best Alice In Chains album was” – and I knew at that moment that I needed to write this blog. But hey, their all good!

5. Black Gives way To Blue (2009)

Not saying this is a bad album, but in comparison to their older stuff…it’s kind of a downer. Pretty mediocre. Which isn’t who AIN is. Alice is awesome – one of the greatest rock bands ever. Mediocre is NOT what they are. They’re AMAZING! But this record is a solid “meh.” Good though, in comparison to A TON of other albums!

4. Facelift (1990)Besides “Man In The Box” – one of the greatest songs ever….this album is also pretty mediocre. Not meaning to offend those who love it, but in my opinion every track is mediocre like Black Gives way To Blue – except for the awesome Man In The Box. Therefore it holds it’s place at 2nd to last. Not much To say here…

3. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (2013)

Not going to lie, I was skeptical of William Duvall at first – but this album really changed my perspective. Duvall’s incredibly talented, and as much as people like to hate on him I think he’s great. Don’t get me wrong, nobody will ever replace Layne. But, Duvall is also great and I think he deserves some recognition. Because this is actually my favorite metal album ever!! Duvall is awesome, and I think he really brought something new to the band. And in a really good way.

2. Alice In Chains (1995)

True story: I just found out a couple of weeks ago that the dog on the cover was missing a leg. Any how, this is a great album! This one consists of some of music’s greatest work. The head-on “Heaven Beside You”, showing off Jerry Cantrell’s vocal abilities, not to mention the killer riffs in “Head Creeps”! Not good enough? Try out the awesome “Sludge Factory”, on your way out! Great album, from even greater band.

1. Dirt (1992)

Rooster. Down In a Hole. Would? Them Bones. The album just gets better and better every time I listen to it, I absolutely love it and I can’t put it into words. The album makes me feel like I’m literally in the 90’s. Every time after listening to it, as crazy as it may sound – I feel like I’m in the 90’s. Such a powerful piece of work, that takes me back to time where I didn’t even exist!

Thanks for reading guys! Lots of love for you all. Follow me on Instagram @savingrockmusic for more good stuff, and subscribe to my YouTube channel “Luke Giese Music & More”, for great content!


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