5/19/18 – Dave Matthews Band

If you don’t know already, I recently blogged about all the concerts I’m going to this summer – and how I’ll be journaling about some. Any way, the first one checked off is Dave Matthews Band!

Dave Matthews Band are an American rock band formed by the namesake singer Dave Matthews. Not going to lie, before I saw them live I wasn’t really a big fan – but I walked out of that amphitheater a HUGE fan! I love them now, and they did an incredible job. Their performance was awesome. Other than the small soundcheck fail with bassist Stefan Lessard being too loud, everything was perfect. Thanks so much for taking me Mom & Dad!! It was a heck of a time!!!

Favorite Pics and Vids:


YouTube:Luke Giese Music & More

YouTube Link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCypfywCJ6DIyXtW9UsAVR7A

LinkedIn:Luke Giese

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