The One You Know – Alice In Chains (review)

As you know, Alice In Chains have recently released their new single “The One You Know.” I’m sure you’ve heard a ton of different insights and opinions about it, but today I’m just giving you my opinion 🙂

First off, if you don’t know already – I LOVE Alice In Chains! And while most people believe the band should have broken up when Layne died – I think that would’ve been a mistake. Because I of course LOVE Layne, but it doesn’t change how talented William Duvall is. In fact – “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”, is my favorite metal album of all time! Regarded Layne was incredible, and he is of course missed every day – but I think since they found Duvall there is no reason to break up!

Anyways – back to the single! You see, I think that Jerry Cantrell is running dry on ideas. Which is fine – happens to the best of us! But this sounds like your typical AIN “Facelift” kinda stuff. Only with Duvall’s voice. And their going for a new sound, not retro Alice. Other than that, I think the single was actually ok. It was honestly pretty good, especially the chorus! And I love how Jerry was thinking about David Bowie when he wrote it, rather than dumb political stuff that doesn’t matter. Which is what A TON of rockers are doing right now. And I’m all for protesting the man and the government! Just not supporting them. For example, Billie Joe Armstrong use to be cool and would stick it to all politicians! But now he’s a rude jerk, and supports politicians and thinks that his opinion matters more than everybody else’s – just because he’s got more money. To conclude, the new Alice In Chains single was actually pretty good! It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than their old stuff – but it really wasn’t bad. Take time to listen to it on the road! It’s pretty good driving music if you ask me.

R.I.P. LAYNE STALEY, 1967-2002

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And yes, ok! Layne is dead. People need to move on. Yes he was amazing, and we love his voice – but Duvall is just as good. Sure Jerry was a better songwriter back in the times with Layne, but Alice still makes awesome performances. In fact that performance right up there is one of my favorite performances by them. Any how, this isn’t Stone Temple Pilots. Because they had Layne for a shorter period of time, they can still be Alice In Chains. Stone Temple Pilots may be gone, because obliviously Scott Weiland was the only voice for them – and that’s because he was with them for longer and shaped their sound. But Alice In Chains with Duvall is just a good as Alice In Chains back then! And yes, Kurt Cobain died too. He was with Nirvana even shorter – but they couldn’t replace him because he was the songwriter. Layne didn’t write the songs – therefore anther reason why Alice doesn’t need to break up. But Duvall does look like a 70’s disco singer…but he’s still great!

Rock on, Luke Giese

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