I am tired of grumpy Christians.

Hey guys! Back at you again with yet anther blog post. Today’s subject isn’t about music, because I felt in my heart that I needed to post this. Like God was telling me to.

Now those of you who are not Christians, and are new to this or whatever I’m not trying to freak you out. I didn’t like hear a weird voice or anything 😆 – just a heart feeling.

You see I recently watched a video about a child preacher named Duffy, who was leading everybody away from the church and from God. Watch this video. It’s the reason people don’t want to be Christians…


This is why people don’t want to be Christians. These fools are driving people away from the church. If you’re a grumpy Christian – save a soul and stop being so irritated by everything.

This is NOT what Christians are like. It’s a heartbreaking, yet funny at the same time kind of video. First off, this kid was taking that Isaiah verse WAY too seriously. What it actually means is to just be clear about your Christianity and faith in God. It doesn’t mean yell your fricking head off at everybody. Second off – believe me guys this is NOT what people of God are like. He made Christians look brainwashed by this video, but it’s really the opposite.

I don’t mean to shove this down your throat. Because if you don’t believe yet, that is ok. I have friends that don’t, and they are nice people. What I’m trying to get to is that I’m tired of grumpy Christians. They drive people away and it’s the exact reason people don’t want to believe. Grumpy Christians are full of it. Their crap drives people away from church.

People could be losing their souls because of people like this kid. People think that pastors are just a bunch of old guys that like to yell at you. And it’s not true even a little bit. Those pastors are hypocrites, and God will seek them out.

Jesus hated hypocrites, and another reason people don’t want to be Christians is because they think we’re hypocritical. A hypocrite is NOT a compliment! Basically, if you sat down with Jesus and went on and on about how much you hated hypocrites, and how you didn’t want to be a Christian because of that then you guys would get a long fine. Because he hates hypocrites WAY more than you do. And that kid right there Duffy – is a hypocrite.

Which brings me to my next point. A good quote that forever changed me came across my mind and is great for the situation.

“I like your Christ, he’s admirable. I do like your Christ, I just don’t like your Christians. Your Christians are so much different then your Christ.” -Ghandi

And it’s true. As said in Romans 3:23 – all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And it’s a big reason on why people don’t want to be Christians. I completely understand. So many people in today’s culture are told that God is all about hatred, and he wants to tell you “No!” all the time. And people say “I don’t want to believe in a god who hates me, and wants to tell me no all the time.” And I am so happy they don’t want to believe in that god, because I don’t believe in that god!

God is amazing, and today’s society makes it seem like there are only two ways to live.

1.) Not believe in God and have a happy time on earth, but then suffer in hell for eternity.


2.) Believe in God and have eternal happiness in Heaven, but have a really bad time on earth and be a miserable person.

But the fact of the matter is, God has so much of a greater interest in telling you yes than he does no. He doesn’t give you a lot of rules. He says no to give you a greater yes. Make sense?

Blessings in the Scripture always follow obedience. Some people go to their pastors asking them questions. “Pastor, my life’s messed up. My marriage is broken. We’re fighting all the time and I’m watching porn and it’s going terribly. What should I do?!”

And the free counseling I’m passing on to you now from my pastor and what they should always ask themselves is “Are you obeying God?” Because obeying him will give you many blessings, and a greater life is assured.

He says no to cursing so people will want to talk to you. He says no to lying so people will trust you. No to murdering people because it can break you and many you know and love. He says no to doing all bad.

Anther common misconception in the Bible is that drinking is “evil.” Which isn’t even true a little bit. It’s over drinking that is evil. Because it can damage your body, become an addiction, and ruin your life. Jesus drank wine! It’s not a sin!! So the church needs to stop saying it is.

My point is, that if you’re a grumpy Christian – then save a soul today, and stop.

Thank-you guys for reading. I don’t mean to weird anyone out or anything. I know a friend who isn’t a Christian and I’m sorry man I don’t mean to overload you or anything.

But anyway, thanks for reading. Until next week!

This is what us Christians are ACTUALLY like and believe me Jesus was a funny guy and he used humor as a tool 😂



Find a good church. Because church is like Jersey Mike’s. You maybe don’t like it at first, may think it’s gross – but when you find your sub you never want to go back to Subway! Or in this case when you find your church – you never want to go back to that sinful lonley life you were living.

DO NOT BE THE CHURCH LADY – “Well Isn’t That Special!” – IT IS NONSENSE THAT DRIVES PEOPLE AWAY (But it’s pretty hilarious as an SNL Skit 😂)

I pulled many of these quotes from my great friend and pastor Grant Diamond. Follow him @grantlovesjesus on Twitter, and on Instagram @grant_diamond. He’s great and most of this was his work. Check out his awesome church Lift Frisco – and give him a pat on the back. He’s worked hard.

9 thoughts on “I am tired of grumpy Christians.

  1. Luke,
    I agree with you. I’m so glad to see you blog about God and I look forward to reading more on this topic from you because you are so right and people need to hear this. I love you, I am proud of you. Don’t ever change who you are because you are amazing and created for a purpose! I love you!
    Romans 12:2 ❤️

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  2. I also love 1 Corinthians 13:1 “If I speak in the all of the languages of man and angels, but do not have love, I am nothing but a loud clanging gong.”
    What Paul is saying is this: We can be full of biblical head knowledge, know the scripture, but it won’t do anyone any good or help bring people to Jesus if we yell at them to get our point across. We must have a heart full of love for others. Love people. That’s what Jesus did.

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  3. Definitely agree with the hypocrisy part, even though I know everybody can be a hypocrite sometimes. As for pushing people away from Christianity, people ride the trains in Boston calling people sinners and reminding non-believers we’re all going to Hell etc. it’s pretty comical, but definitely could see it driving people away as well. I think anybody that tries to overly convince anybody about their views is hurting their views, because people generally don’t like being preached to (I mean that in a “you have to listen to what I wanna say” way, not in a The church preaching way). Also, that SNL skit at the bottom reminded me of this https://youtu.be/ZiuYmM0lG6o so accurate lol

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    1. Those people telling you that your going to Hell is what drives people away. Not very Christian at all. You don’t have to believe. Like saying “Blue is my favorite color. But you can like whatever you want!” That’s what they should be like. And if their not then they are not listening to God.

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  4. This Duffy is just too much. I’ve seen other kid “preachers.” They act just like their fathers right down to the yelling and mannerisms. I’ve been to churches where the pastors yell. Gee, I don’t remember Jesus ever doing that.

    I agree with you on the church ladies. I know more than a few of these ladies and they are sooo busy with church stuff, but not a word about being saved. None of their activities included witnessing to the lost.

    BTW, Excellent post!

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