It’s becoming increasingly hard to get people to read my blogs.

Hey guys….

Ok I’m practically talking to myself now. Guys, it’s becoming increasingly hard to get people to read my stuff. People don’t read anymore, and it honestly worries me. I know this blog is all music, but I just had to say this. I am now announcing that I will be doing WordPress only once a week. I was going to do that until my 100th post, but it’s becoming very hard to get people off Instagram and YouTube.

And it’s not just me who has this problem. It’s a lot of people I know. It is HARD to get people to read!! People just don’t want to! So I apologize, and I wasn’t going to do this until my 100th post – which I planned to be music related. And I didn’t want to bring the thing up about it being so hard in it, because of me wanting to keep it about the music. I am really sorry to inform you this, but now my main thing will be Instagram. Follow me there @savingrockmusic, and my journalism will now move to once a week. Thanks for all the support to my followers I do have, and have a blessed day.

6 thoughts on “It’s becoming increasingly hard to get people to read my blogs.

  1. Luke you are wise beyond your years and it is true. People nowadays have very short attention spans (I suffer from this actual problem..) and it is hard to get them to tune in and commit. I am personally trying to get better at that and have started committing to reading at least 1 actual book at a time, a prayer journal, and supporting 3 of my favorite bloggers (you are 1 of those!). Please keep writing. So much is lost in translation when we rush through things and your written words will last for generations and bless all who read for many years. Love you, son. So proud of the man you are becoming.

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  2. Once a week sounds more manageable. I don’t think I could come up with something to talk about every day. Any time is good with me, I always enjoy it.

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