My Top 10 Favorite Counting Crows Songs

Hey guys! As you know I’m a pretty huge Counting Crows fan, and I was talking to my dad about his favorite song by them, and we bother were left saying “it’s pretty hard to pick favorites from them.” So I thought I’d take time to draft out my favorites by them. It was something that interested me and I hope you guys enjoy it!

10. A LONG DECEMBER (1996)

Now this is what I call a great song. Heartfelt lyrics and passion with a guitar solo in the middle. This one is the leading track of “Recovering The Satellites”, interestingly enough this is one of their biggest hits and made a lot of money, but is also one of their lowest reviewed albums.


Haginaround is one of my favorite guitar riffs, it’s a great fun song and even grumpy old David Letterman likes it. One of their most underrated songs for sure!

8. ANNA BEGINS (1993)

This song is so beautiful. Brings back pictures and memories in my mind, and I absolutely love it. Adam is such a great songwriter, especially because he can bring pictures of memories in my mind without even knowing me.


One of the most mellow and swaying chapters of their first album “August And Everything After”. The song is amazing and reminds me of the old street I use to live on. I love listening to this song because it brings me home. I hope it does the same for you.

6. OMAHA (1993)

This jam is great! One of their few accordion tunes, and it really puts you in heaven. A tune about a place in the middle of America, and how heart matters more.


This song I just recently discovered is 8 minutes long, but it’s so great I thought it was only 3. They sure know how to keep people’s attention, this is one of the crows greatest songs, and I suggest you listen to it.

4. A MURDER OF ONE (1993)

This is may be the crows hardest song, and it proves that their more than passionate heartland rock. The song about a girlfriend Adam Duritz wanted to marry…I think. Not sure, but it’s a great song of a great album!

3. SCARECROW (2014)

Off their latest album “Somewhere Under Wonderland”, the song moves me every time. It’s got about a trillion words in it, and it’s beautiful and thought out.

2. RAIN KING (1993)

Fun, exicting, & heartwarming song all at once. They beat the heck out of it on the radio, but to me it’s not an “old” song at all, and I enjoy it a lot.

1. MR. JONES (1993)

This song NEVER gets old. And because of that it holds its place at #1. Back at it again with bringing memories back! Love you Counting Crows!

Thanks for reading as always guys! Let me know what your favorite song by Counting Crows is! Follow me on Instagram for more @savingrockmusic. And subscribe to my YouTube Channel “Luke Giese Music & More.”


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