5 Musical Artists Parents Absolutely Cannot Stand (Updated)

5 Musical Artists Parents Absolutely Cannot Stand (Updated)

So as you probably know, I recently blogged about musical artists parents can’t stand. And since then, believe it or not the list changed.

5. Lil Wayne

I hate the guy too, and I’m not even a parent. He makes bad music that’s bad for you. Negative, and not right. I know there’s people that love the guy, and that’s cool! Just not me. Parents tend to hate the guy for his explicit lyrics, and it being ya know – not very good music AT ALL. And I’ll tell you right now, it makes a heck of a lot more since that he’s in the top 5 rather than Alice In Chains. Plus there’s proof in the picture above that he’s not really “the sharpest tool in the shed”. Or in other words the brightest guy on the planet… Dumb. He’s dumb.

4. Eminem

Yeah, again it makes a lot of since. He took how explicit and aggressive Lil Wayne’s lyrics were and took it to a whole other level. I personally can’t stand the guy, and again I’m not a parent. So even if I was a father I really wouldn’t want my child listening to him for both reasons. And more…

3. Nine Inch Nails

As you know if you’ve been following the blog, you know how much I like to make fun of this band. Again, I don’t hate them. There’s a lot of worst bands then them, and there’s a lot of bands better than them. But I think when discussing the topics of music with parents this one comes to their mind to hate pretty quickly. And I understand. I also find it hilarious, because they look like a boy band. They call theirselves rock and stuff, but Trent is really just like the Bieber. I mean, he’s focusing more time on his hair than his music. But seriously, I’m just kidding. As said before, I like certain aspects of their music…but literally does “rock band” come to your mind we you see this picture?

2. Marilyn Manson

Ok, this again still makes sense. I don’t think he should be this high on the list, and honestly I dislike his music. But I do certainly understand why parents hate him. Parents worry, and the guy let’s just be honest isn’t a very great role model.

1. Kayne West

Last time was One Direction, and I think that makes more sense. But hey, I can’t stand this guy AT ALL. And honestly, I think I do hate One Direction more. But if I were a parent I’d definitely feel more strongly against Kayne then them. For the most part 1D is just a group of harmless young morons who call theirselves musicians. Where as Kayne makes bad music like 1D, but is also incredibly offensive. Racist, rude, and makes bad music isn’t really a great combination. I do have friends that are fans, and that’s fine. It’s just that I do not like the guy at all.

Honorable Mentions:

6. One Direction

7. Alice In Chains (Will any parents reading PLEASE TELL ME WHY?? My mom and I love them!!)

8. My Chemical Romance

9. Pantera

10. Black Veil Brides

11. Motley Crue

12. Black Sabbath

13. Slipknot

14. KIDZ BOP (I’m honestly extremely surprised and all most fainted finding out this was only at #14. More like #2!)

15. Beck

16. Insane Clown Posse

17. Red Hot Chili Peppers

18. Iggy Pop

19. Chance the Rapper

20. Limp Bizkit (Same here lol)

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