Why Using A 5 String Bass Is NOT a good idea.

Hey bass-players! If you were thinking about purchasing a 5 string bass guitar, I’ll tell you right now that it’s not a great idea. First off who have you seen use one? Perhaps Flea, or Stefan Lessard? No! They don’t use them because it’s dumb. You can’t finish the scale first off, when you stop there you have a fourth of a guitar, and when soloing it sounds bad and it’s easy to mess up. Second off you can’t slap on it without having a easy time not messing up, again because it’s a fourth of a guitar. And for the worst of all reason is because it’s unethical. Its okay to purchase a 12 string guitar, but the more you add on to on a bass, the more challenges and setting yourself up for trouble there is. I know there’s great bassists out there that agree, and maybe even more that disagree. You’re not dumb if you use one, because all musicians are different. This is just my opinion, and I’m just giving you my advice. So if your looking to buy a 5 string bass, then try it out. If you like it then get it! If you agree with me then simply decline. Thanks again for reading guys!

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