Instrument Review: Hohner Harmonicas

Hohner harmonicas are probably the most advertised and popular harmonicas out there. But just because of that, it doesn’t mean their the best. Right now I have 4 harmonicas, all chromatic. In the keys of F, E, G, and of course C. The F & E are both fender’s blues deluxe harmonicas, but the C is a regular harmonica from Hohner. It’s much harder to bend on, learn on, and overall use. Hohners are not as good as they seem, and you can really only play in one position on them. I enjoy Hohner still, the sound comes in really good and clean, quiet too. Their good harmonicas, but their still overrated. I personally find Fender blues deluxe the best, and 2nd to them would be Stagg. As my G harmonica is a Stagg. But hey, that’s just me! What do you guys think of Hohners? What’s you’re favorite harmonica brand?



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