My Top 10 Favorite Blues Guitarists

#10. Elmore James

Elmore James was absolutely amazing. It wasn’t like regular blues music, with certain triad shapes and what not. It was a different sound, most blues music in the industry is repetitive, which is fine. But Elmore James had his own version of blues. With such unique tone, it easily makes me love him.

#9. Buddy Guy

Whenever I think of the words “guitar” & “blues”, Buddy Guy comes to my mind pretty quickly. He’s mastered about every guitar technique there is, even outside of blues music. From tapping to simple strumming Buddy Guy knows what he’s doing.

#8. Hubert Sumlin

Hubert Sumlin, when discussing the topics of guitar, is one of my all time favorites. He shows people that you can master every technique like Buddy Guy, and still have an amazing and different sound. He wrote and played fantastically.

#7. John White

This guy put great blues solos on an ACOUSTIC guitar! He played it so fast, to the point where it sounded like an electric. He showed blues guitarists that pick-ups aren’t a requirement for great solos.

#6. Elvis Presley

The guy was more than the king of rock, he was also the prince of blues. His blues solos contained rock elements and sounded edgier then most blues. You could tell it was a solo by Elvis when you heard it.

#5. Stevie Ray Vaghaun

This list would be a joke without him! He started the movement of great solos in blues, and made the idea popular. He was an incredible guitarist.

#4. Jimi Hendrix

He was the greatest guitarist ever, and also one of the few left-handed blues guitarists. Just because of him being the #1 guitarist of all time and him being a left handed blues player, he should make the list.

#3. Neil Young While Neil Young is more known as a Folk-rock legend, he’s actually got a pretty sick case of the blues. In just his concert jam sessions, you get the vibe of blues and his sound just all together has some great blues elements. Thanks Neil! You’re great in rock, folk, & blues too!

#2. Jimmy Page

Just because he’s better known as the lead guitarist for hard rock band Led Zeppelin does not mean he’s any less of a great blues player. In his solo career you hear amazing blues riffs, that will leave you very surprised on how much Jimmy Page can do.

#1. B.B. King

I had to do this, not only is he a great guitarist but he also writes good songs. He’s the perfect blues player, from knowing all triads to his different tone, he models perfectly as my personal favorite blues guitarist. And I can’t even tell you how hard this list was. There are so many great blues players. Chuck Berry, the inventor of the muddy tone Muddy Waters, inspired the name of The Rolling Stones. There are too many amazing blues guitarists to name. And I’ll always treasure these ten legends.

Honorable Mentions

#11. Bruce Cockburn

#12. Chuck Berry

#13. Albert King

#14. Muddy Waters

#15. Keith Richards

#16. Tim Reynolds

#17. Eric Clapton

#18. Rich Robinson

#19. Lindsey Buckingham

#20. Steve Vai

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